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7 Questions We All Have For The Cult Classic 'Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter Is Dead'

We all have those movies that we love even though no one else has heard of them. There are way too many to list them all, but when it comes to weird cult classics, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter Is Dead is one that you absolutely need to remember.

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If you've never seen it, the premise is exactly as weird as the title would lead you to believe. When the Candrell kid's mom is on a vacation for the summer she leaves her kids with a babysitter who passes away. This leaves the eldest Candrell sibling, Sue Ellen, to find a way to earn money to support her younger siblings.

Honestly there are so many questions that we have for this movie, some of which are answered by in the movie, but let's get into them.

1. Why does this mother leave her children for two months with a stranger?

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Having kids is hard, especially when you are single. But honestly, leaving your children with a total stranger for two months while you go half a world away seems like a questionable choice. Also, maybe you should have a backup person come check on your kids every few days to make sure the stranger you left in your home is doing a good job.

2.  Does a 17-year-old really want to take care of her siblings?

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If it were me and my younger siblings were relying on me to take care of them I would definitely call for backup as soon as I could.

3. Do these kids go to jail for dumping a dead body?

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I have never dealt with a dead body personally, but I feel like leaving it in a trunk at a funeral home is not the proper protocol.

That's not even the only issue that there is with this movie...

4. What did Sue Ellen put on that resume?

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I know times are different now, but to have an executive grab your resume and give you the job is pretty impressive..

5. How is it that a 17-year-old could save an entire company?

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The company must have been in a weird place if the 17-year-old who lied her way into a job was the only one who could save it.

6. Did the babysitter have a family?

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Did no one know that she died? They just dumped her body without any information. The morticians burried her with a sign that says "Nice Old Lady Inside, Died of Natual Causes." That's not a very good epitaph!

7. Seriously though, did the mom get in contact with the babysitter's family and give them a big payment?

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"Sorry your family member died because of my family, have this check for $5,000!" Would that cover it? Probably not, but hopefully Mrs. Sturak had insurance and her family could claim it.

Even though we have a lot of questions for the movie, it was still pretty wonderful. Share if you agree!