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10 Shows From The '90s That Everyone Should Know But No One Remembers

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There were some great TV shows that made their debuts during the 90s. There were also more than a fair share of shows that flopped right out of the gate, but what about those underrated shows?

We thought we would remind you of some of the shows you probably liked, at least a little bit, that have fallen through the cracks of time because they were so underrated. Let us know if you favorite show from the 90s ended up on this list.

1. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Most of you will associate this with the box office smash that starred Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but before they took the roles of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, it premiered on television in 1996. The show didn't pit them against each other, instead they posed as a married couple as they traveled the world to undertake secret missions.


2. Xena: Warrior Princess

Sure, Xena has become quite the cult phenomena, and is often the subject of pop culture reference, but does the show truly get the respect it deserves? It was one of the first shows to showcase a strong, powerful and capable female heroine, and it helped break down the barriers for female warriors on TV. Get a little nostalgic and watch her travel the ancient world pitting her own strength against warlords and Gods.

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3. Nikita

In a rather interesting twist, "Section One" fakes the death of convicted murderer, hoping to make her a new clandestine operative for their organization. They believe that because she is beautiful, and a killer, that she will be able to take down enemies around the globe. Unfortunately for them, Nikita was wrongfully convicted and never actually killed anyone. Definitely an interesting watch.

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4. Acapulco H.E.A.T.

Ashley and Mike are both former clandestine operatives for their respective governments who are now in charge of the H.E.A.T. team, a group of operatives with special skills used to fight a shadow war against international terrorists. Based in Mexico, the team takes on missions around the Caribbean and other parts of the world, pretending to work for a fashion company.

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5. Amazon

Coming from Peter Benchley, the man responsible for bringing us Jaws, comes another environmental adventure, this time from the depths of the Amazon rain-forest. It turns out that surviving in this tropical location is going to be far harder than they imagined; what with the insects, snakes, piranhas, deadly plants and hostile native tribes.  


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6. Lexx

Lexx was a darker sci-fi comedy that focused on a group of anti-heroes who are on the run from Shadow, a demonic entity that rules the galaxy with an iron fist. Shadow is after this particular group of characters because they accidental steal his starship, Lexx.

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7. Renegade

Reno Raines escapes from prison and goes on the lam after he is framed for a murder he did not commit. He starts working with a team of bounty hunters as he searches for the only person who is capable of clearing his name.


8. Pacific Palisades

Another drama brought to you by Aaron Spelling, this time as it follows a group of young professionals who seemingly already have "it all". Obviously everything begins to fall apart as the characters quickly learn that you have to work twice as hard to keep what you already have. Get ready for scandal, fame, and eventual ruin.

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9. TekWar

In 2045, the new drug of choice is "tek", a cyber-drug that puts its users in a fantasy world, and it is highly addictive. Jake Cardigan is hired to find the source of the drug as a number of forces work against him. For a mid-90s science-fiction show, it was both cheesy and entertaining.

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10. The Pretender

Of all of the titles on this list, this one is my favorite from a concept standpoint. A man with the ability to master any skill, escapes from a secret testing facility. He then proceeds to travel the country doing different jobs and helping people, all the while attempting to hide from the people that had kept him imprisoned.


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