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Claire's May Be Going Bankrupt, But These 11 Iconic Styles Will Live In Our Memories Forever

Raise the alarms, because Claire's, everyone's favorite store to buy earrings and tiaras, is reportedly filing for bankruptcy. That's right, our mall experience will never be the same.

Nothing is official yet, but reports are saying that the company has filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy which will allow them to continue operating while they try to come up with a plan. They are apparently in debt by over $1.4 billion and with a $60 million interest payment due on March 13th.

While the business side of things is not really something that we understand, the shopping aspect is very much something we remember doing a lot as a preteen. Claire's was the place to go when you needed your ears pierced. It was the first store you visited when your mom dropped you off in the mall. It was how you discovered those little spikey ball earrings that were super cool for a little while.

Thinking about it closing is kind of heartbreaking, but there is still hope. Their creditors have bought them out, so hopefully they can help relieve some of the financial pressure on them for the foreseeable future until the next generation of teens learns to love Claire's as much as we did.

There were so many things that were only available at Claire's that just made our teen lives so much better. We can't let our favorite mall stop die out, we've got to remember all the good things it has given us over the years.

How many of the following Claire's items did you purchase?

Listen, at the time, all of these things were VERY cool so you don't even have to be embarrassed. But if we lose Claire's, these are the things we'll be missing out on...

1. Chopsticks for your hair

Because you wanted nothing more than to gently poke yourself in the neck and/or head all day. Also, you couldn't really use these to hold up your hair, most of the time they were just decorative.

2. Hair accessories that looked like hair

Whether you wore one of those big scrunchies that gave you a mess of hair or these headbands that made it look as though you were capable of braiding your hair evenly all the way around, you definitely contributed to my concern over how thin my braids were.

3. Avril Lavigne-style ties

Nothing says edgy and cool quite like wearing a tie as a necklace.

4. A multicolored and/or bejeweled watch

Yes, chances are your watch had both elements, but you needed it all because it was time to make a statement!

5. Toe socks

Was it just me, or did anyone else experience the consistent annoyance of their pinky toe falling out of its spot?

6. Spin-in hair jewels

They would be such a nice touch to our hair, until they fell off roughly four minutes after they were put on.

7. Fedoras

In our defense, we didn't know the whole... Fedora thing at the time.

8. Tattoo chokers

People had so many of these, and would never ever take them off. I remember my one friend had a tan line from it for at least a year.

9. A tiny hat that you'll never actually wear

You probably bought it in anticipation of Halloween, but you never thought of a costume to go with it, so there it sits on top of your dresser.

10. Comb barrettes

Honestly, I always found these hard to put in. I have stabbed myself with them more than once, but you can't really argue with their results! They looked pretty cute.

11. And of course: a tiara

Because we were all princesses at one point, or at least we wanted to be.

Hopefully future generations will still have Claire's to shop at, but in the meantime, let's all reminisce about the best thing we ever bought from the iconic store.

Source - Bloomberg