Toys 'R' Us May Be Back In Business With Investors Planning A Revival

Remember how devastating it was just a few months ago when Toys 'R' Us filed for bankruptcy and shut all their doors in America? It was like a piece of our childhood had died and we could do nothing but sit and watch it happen. No more biking through the aisles, no more seeing walls of Lego sets, and no more setting off all of the noisy toys at once before running away. Sure, the employees hated us all, but it was a part of growing up, and it was sad to think that the children of the future wouldn't


Geoffrey The Giraffe Says Goodbye To Toys 'R' Us And We Can't Help But Get Choked Up

The time has come. Even though we tried to put it off, delay it, or pretend it wasn't happening, the day has arrived. Toys 'R' Us is gone. The doors are closed, the stores are empty, and Geoffrey is out of a job. That's right, Geoffrey the Giraffe, the one who you were always so excited to see when you were a kid, is now unemployed. A former employee of the store shared some final photos of the now empty location before the doors closed for good, and it's absolutely heart-wrenching to see all those empty shelves. It's the store


Claire's May Be Going Bankrupt, But These 11 Iconic Styles Will Live In Our Memories Forever

Raise the alarms, because Claire's, everyone's favorite store to buy earrings and tiaras, is reportedly filing for bankruptcy. That's right, our mall experience will never be the same. Nothing is official yet, but reports are saying that the company has filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy which will allow them to continue operating while they try to come up with a plan. They are apparently in debt by over $1.4 billion and with a $60 million interest payment due on March 13th. While the business side of things is not really something that we understand, the shopping aspect is