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'Mrs. Doubtfire' Cast Reunited To Discuss The 25th Anniversary And Robin Williams

The cast of Mrs. Doubtfire reunited and we were all so excited to see what that meant.

Now we finally know why they were back together again. With nothing really happening for the last month, we kind of just thought it was maybe a nice dinner. But nope! It turns out it was actually a big interview to discuss the anniversary, the legacy, and of course Robin Williams.

The interview is a good 35 minutes of reminiscing and sharing memories that all make us remember the iconic comedy as the treasure it truly is.

Pierce Brosnan, Matthew Lawrence, Lisa Jakub, and Mara Wilson all got together to revist the movie that is one of the finest films of our time.

While they admitted that the four of them haven't been in a room all together since the movie premiered, Jakub expressed that while it feels "surreal" it also "feels like no time has passed."

Brosnan jumped in by sharing that he can still remember when they all met. "I can still cast my mind back 25 years to the sunny San Francisco days and meeting you all on that particular day."

They jump right into the questions, when the interviewer asks how long the climactic restaurant scene actually took to film.

While Jakub joked that they "were in that restaurant for like nine years," but in actuality it was a few weeks of filming.

"It was a huge sequence," Brosnan explained. He then went into a story about the process of filming with Williams.

"I went on my phone to Google the movie, and up came the restaurant scene, and Robin talking to my character Stu, and he was so rude about Sally's character. Oh my God, the language that came out of his mouth," Brosnan recalled laughing. "You were all dismissed when we came to do the close-ups, you were all sent off to school, and Sally was over in the corner doing her knitting... So it came time to do Robin's close-up and my close-up and I'm sitting and Robin is here as Mrs. Doubtfire and he just unleashed the most bluest and craziest innuendos about Sally's character and what she was up to... he pulled out all the stops.

To be fair, Williams' jokes helped Brosnan's character come across as uncomfortable as possible. Wilson even remarked, "You looked wonderfully uncomfortable in that scene."

Obviously Williams is known for his ad-libbing and amazing quick wit, so when asked how they managed to keep it together their answer was pretty reasonable.

"Couldn't really," Brosnan said while everyone else voiced their agreement.

"We did a lot of takes," Wilson explained. "It would be like okay 'take 25' and Robin would be different every time. He would come up with something different every single time."

Lawrence referenced the remote control moment, "When he flips the remote into the fishtank, that was like 30 or 40 take and I've never experienced anything like it to see a whole crew of about 150 people just like, trying to get visuals and try to see what was going to happen next. Every take was something new and different and obviously amazing."

Pierce then revealed that the moment he met Williams was one he will never forget.

"I went in and there was Robin in the makeup trailer and he had a Hawaiian shirt on and big hairy arms, cargo pants, big hairy legs, but he had the head of Mrs. Doubtfire. It was so bizarre."

As for Lawrence, his meeting was interesting because he didn't realize he was sitting next to the iconic star, but that William's strange trick actually got him the job.  

"They flew me and a couple of other boys to San Francisco for the screen test and they sat us down on the couch next to this lady. They didn't tell us it was Robin. And I'm like 'Oh come on, I got to sit next to this lady.' And she's moving around and I'm like 'this is too much, where's Robin? I'm supposed to be sitting with Robin Williams. What am I doing here?' It keeps going on and on... During one take with him, I didn't know it was him I thought it was Mrs. Doubtfire, he was like 'just go along with it'... and he grabbed me and pinched me without the camera seeing, and I gave this reaction and everybody started dying with laughter. I was really confused... That single-handedly got me the job."

The cast goes on to talk about how much of an impact he had on them, and in the long conversation they share some memories that are truly heartwarming.

Jakub actually credits Williams openness with his mental health struggles for a lot of her career as a mental health advocate.

Wilson remembers how kind he was to her on set, even though she was so young and inexperienced. "He was always so kind and patient with me, which was great because I was very young on the film set and there was a lot that I didn't understand. He was very parental and very kind the whole time."

You can watch the entire interview here, it's filled with amazing memories and stories that'll make you love the movie even more than you already do.

Source - YouTube - Today / CNN

Can you believe it has been 25 years since Mrs. Doubtfire came out?