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Can You Feel The Love For These Classic 'Lion King' Collectibles?

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The Lion King was one of the biggest Disney movies ever made. The story seemed to captivate audiences both young and old, and you know what else? It made an insane amount of money.

Walt Disney Pictures

Disney had always done a good job of marketing their products, but it seemed that when The Lion King came out and they finally had a property that would appeal to both boys and girls they were able to go completely warthog-wild with their merchandise. How many of these things do you remember owning?

There were a bunch of different options, but it seemed like we all had at least one Lion King photo album

You had to have a funky hat!

Because what else would match this shirt?

Or this super cool jacket

You needed a thermos to bring your lunch to school

And obviously a lunchbox

And we would keep it in our backpacks

We all had a special cup to drink out of at home, preferably one with moving pieces and glitter

Or at the very least one of these plastic cups that could be found in literally every home

And of course you would need a special plate to match

There were also these big heavy ceramic mugs that were honestly hard to drink out of, but it didn't stop us from wanting them!

And that wasn't all...

We wished for a blanket that looked like this

And boxers that looked like this

We needed a stylish way to keep track of the time

We all learned the important crafting technique of Sand Art

And the really little kids got the best version of the See N Say

And who can forget the most wished for toy ever:

How many of these things did you want when you were younger? Let us know in the comments!