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Mighty Ducks' Shaun Weiss Opens Up About Hitting Rock Bottom As He Checks Into Rehab

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Shaun Weiss starred in the classic series The Mighty Ducks back in the 90s, but most recently he has been making headlines after his drunken arrest earlier this month.

In California this August, Weiss was brought into the Oroville police station when he was found "behaving erratically with flashlights," causing police officers to believe he was intoxicated.

He was brought to jail to sober up, but was apparently polite the whole time. The cops believed he was under the influence of drugs, but weren't sure which kind.

Although in 2017, he was charged with a misdemeanor for possession of meth, so it's possible he had once again been using the illicit drug.

His mugshot tells quite the story though. He face has changed significantly since he was last seen on screen in 2008, looking more gaunt, sickly, and honestly unrecognizable.

Shaun Weiss mugshot
Oroville Police Department

Many people didn't even believe that the mugshot was actually him, but his latest Facebook confession confirms the arrest and reveals that he will be seeking treatment.

His post is surprisingly humorous given the content, but I guess if he was even cracking jokes while in jail it makes sense that he's still got his sense of humor in rehab.

"At this time, in an effort to break free from the self destructive patterns of behavior and drug abuse that have landed me at rock bottom, (to be real... BELOW rock bottom. Even rock bottom is like "holy sh!t, how'd you get all the way down there?") I have checked in to a well regarded, long term rehabilitation center," Weiss said on his Facebook page.

He admitted that his life was in danger. "I have surrendered to the reality that without immediate treatment my life is in [imminent] danger," Weiss continued. "My spirit was until recently depleted, weak and shrouded by darkness has been renewed by the overwhelming out-pouring of love and support from fans of my early work as an actor."