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'Big' Is Celebrating Their 30th Anniversary By Heading Back To Theaters

Big is one of those movies that no matter how ridiculous the plot seems, we all still love it. It is beloved by critics and fans alike, and to this day we all are obsessed with it.

The Tom Hanks comedy manages to make a movie about a kid who turned into an adult overnight seem like it's almost realistic. You feel like Josh could be a real guy, and you really want him to find that Zoltar machine.

It has been 30 years since the release of the classic movie, and to celebrate the anniversary, it's coming back to theaters!

Big movie
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That's right, Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, Jon Lovitz, and all the rest are going to be back on the big screen for a special release in theaters across the country.

It's very fitting. When Josh wished that he would be "big" he turned into a 30-year-old man, so now that it's the 30th anniversary, it's the perfect time to bring it back.

The showings will be held at over 700 theaters throughout the U.S., and you can buy your tickets now. There are two shows per day at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. between July 15th to July 18th, so you'll be able to go at least once to see it on the big screen.

Big was an iconic movie, and even though it was a comedy with an insane plot it actually landed Hanks his first Oscar nomination.

Big Movie
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It's hard to imagine the iconic movie without him, but he wasn't always supposed to be the star. Harrison Ford was the original star when Steven Spielberg was signed on to direct, but when they both dropped out, Penny Marshall took over.

Apparently Hanks was her first choice, but the popular actor was too busy with other projects at the time. Instead she offered the role to Kevin Costner, Warren Beatty, and Dennis Quaid, but they all turned it down.

John Travolta really wanted the role, but the studio refused. According to Marshall, "at the time he was box office poison."

20th Century Fox

Marshall was also asked to consider Sean Penn, but she said he was too young, and Gary Busey who she thought "couldn't pull off playing an adult."

Robert Di Niro was going to accept the offer, but his $6 million price tag was too high. Even though Marshall offered him part of her own salary to make up the balance, he still said no.

But this drama had given enough visibility to the project, and enough time, because when Marshall tried Hanks for a second time, he said yes.

Well, we couldn't be more happy that all those other actors said no, because without Tom Hanks the movie might not have had the same lasting appeal.

Don't forget to go buy your tickets now, so you can see Big on the big screen!

Source - Mental Floss / Entertainment Weekly