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'Backdraft' Is Getting A Sequel 27 Years After The Original, With Only One Of The Original Stars

Few movies have given us as exciting of a look at the life of a firefighter as Backdraft. The Chicago-based thriller followed the fire department as they take on some big fires and some big drama.

The cast was really impressive, and included big names like Robert De Niro, Kurt Russell, Billy Baldwin, and Donald Sutherland. With such an impressive cast, you'd expect a guaranteed hit, but it received mixed reviews.

However, despite the mixed reviews, the movie made a good chunk of change at the box office and now they are trying to make it happen again.

Backdraft Kurt Russell
Universal Pictures

That's right! Even though the first one came out 27 years ago, they are now planning a sequel to the classic firefighter film.

Billy Baldwin himself actually confirmed that there is a script written, when he said that production would be starting in early 2018.

Universal Pictures have announced that while Ron Howard made the first movie, he won't be back as the director for the sequel. Instead, it will be Gonzalo Lopex-Gallego, who directed the movie Apollo 18.

Now, people may be a little skeptical on this sequel, but here's what we know about it so far...

Currently titled Blackdraft II, and because the only main character confirmed to return is Billy Baldwin, they are going to have to add some new characters. Currently, the plan involves looking at the next generation.

According to Movie Hole, the sequel will follow Sean McCaffrey, aka the son of Kurt Russell's character who died in the first movie. McCaffrey has grown up, and is now an investigator with the Chicago Fire Department. He has never really forgiven Baldwin's character, who he believes was responsible for his father's death.

Despite their issues, they are trying to figure out who is setting a bunch of fires as distractions while they try to get missiles out out of the country.

Backdraft Billy Baldwin
Universal Pictures

Filming is set to begin in spring 2018, and they will be filming in both Romania and Toronto. The film was a really big title and to see it come back may spark some confusion from its fans. Not everyone is excited.

"What else needs to be said? A 2018 sequel to Backdraft, 27 years later? What’s it called? 'Backdraft II: The Retirement Party'? Who is the genius studio exec who signed off on that? No one under 40 ever heard of Backdraft. Great idea!" One fan wrote on Twitter.

Well, while they might not be excited, Universal has faith in the project! Let's give it a chance to see how it ends up!

Source - Independent / Slash Film