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Never Before Seen Photos Of Brad Pitt From Before He Was Famous

Brad Pitt is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, but everyone has to start somewhere. Born in Oklahoma and raised in Missouri, Pitt went through high school and most of college before realizing what he wanted to do.

Two weeks before completing his journalism degree in college, he wasn't ready to settle down. He decided to pack up and chase his dreams, even though his experience was limited to plays in school.

He moved to Los Angeles and started taking acting lessons and working at different jobs. As his career was starting out, he took small roles in television to build up his resume and then eventually landed his breakout role in Thelma and Louise.

But before he became the mega star we all know now, he had to get some pictures taken. You've got to get your face out there, even if it's in slightly embarrassing pictures.

Brad Pitt 23 with photographer Sandra Downie Dunn
Brad Pitt with Sandra Downie-DunnSandra Downie-Dunn

Pitt first met photographer Sandra Downie-Dunn at a wrap party for Dallas. It was four years before he would land his role in Themla and Louise, and apparently he looked like he was having a hard time.

“He said he was hungry and didn’t have any money — not even 33 cents for a hamburger at McDonald’s," Downie-Dunn revealed.

The photographer took some pictures of the struggling actor to help him out, and now, over 30 years later, those photos have resurfaced and we've got to say, it's crazy to see him looking so young!

At only 23, Pitt is fresh-faced, bright-eyed, and completely unaware of what his life was going to become.

Take a look at these pictures and see just how much times have changed!

Let's start simple. Who doesn't have a picture of them with that classic hand on the side of the head?

It shows off the guns, it draws the eyes to the face, and as a special Brad Pitt bonus, you can even see that armpit hair sneaking out. Perfect right?

And of course, then there's the wonderful and underrated pose of playing air guitar on a tennis racket

Who could resist that big awkward grin, that floppy blonde hair and those acid wash jeans?

Oh wow, he even knows how to use technology!

"Can you believe that you can call people now?" He looks like he's saying while sitting around a collection of every item of technology that was available at the time.

Or maybe not...

It's not easy to use MS Dos. Especially when the computer is not on...

Why not throw in a dog? Makes him seem relatable

If someone is seen holding a dog they are instantly 85% more likable, it's proven by science (probably).

I call this the "my dog is gone now, and I feel very sad inside"

You know that completely lost expression you get when your dog jumps off your lap or runs off to play with someone else? That's what I'm seeing in that forced smile and sad eyes.

"Hi, my name is Brad Pitt. I am great at multi-tasking and I love teamwork!"

He's going to totally nail that job interview!

And after the interview, he likes to unwind with a super fun video game

I know that the reflection is his shoulder, but immediately my mind thought it was some kind of creepy spirit that was going to crawl out of the machine.

Did you know it was possible to give a good smoldering and broody look while wearing a tank top?

Is this working on you? Do you find his near-mullet dreamy?

Can you tell that he's an athletic guy?

He cycles, that's impressive!

If you couldn't before, here are his muscles just to prove it

Ripped jeans and washboard abs? He's the boy next door that everyone will swoon over!

I wonder how he feels about all these pictures resurfacing now that he's such a big star.

How embarrassed would you be if you were in his shoes on a scale of 1-10? 11, right?

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