22 Experiences Literally Everyone Had At Their Grandma's House

Grandma's house was a pretty magical place for any kid. We'd get stuffed full of whatever food and candy we wanted, and the rules we normally had to follow at home didn't apply. But those aren't the only things we'd experience when we visited our Grandmas, chances are you saw all of these things every time you went over there.1. Doilies absolutely everywhereFlickrBasically every flat surface had at least one of them, usually more.2. Getting so excited when you saw this tin sitting outBid or BuyBecause who doesn't get excited by cookies?3. The feeling of betrayal when


16 Things We All Did In The '90s That You Would Never Get Away With Today

It's hard not to miss the '90s. Not only was it the decade of our youth, but it gave us just so many incredible gifts that keep on giving. But time stops for no one, and it's getting harder and harder to ignore just how much time has passed since we've been able to party like it's 1999.Ok maybe it only feels like it's been 84 years.Paramount PicturesWhile it seems like just about everything from the '90s has been making a comeback recently, there are some things that seemed perfectly reasonable back then that would never


25 Nostalgic Things That Are Painfully Relatable To Anyone Who Ever Had A Childhood

They say a picture says a thousand words, but the only words these photos will have you saying is "Oh my god, I totally remember that!"1. The best day in gym classEbaum's WorldNo clue what this was supposed to teach us, but it was always fun.2. How we all learned mathTwitterThough honestly, we mostly used them to have sword fights.3. The seat we all wanted to sit in on roadtripsImgurWe all knew it was the best seat in the house.4. One of the hardest decisions we had to make as kidsDaisy Lane CakesIt would


15 Things We All Experienced That Will Make Anyone Under 20 Wonder How We Survived

1. Using the wall sharpener only to have it make our pencils look like thisRedditThen, when you tried to fix it your hand would slip and you'd end up destroying your knuckles against the wall.2. Checking the paper to see what was going to be on TVLos Angeles TimesAnd don't forget having to check it for movie times too.3. Putting plastic covers on the tags of our Beanie BabiesCuddly CollectiblesWe had to protect our "investment" until our collection was actually worth something.4. Having to back things up on CDspicasageeks.comA single scratch and you could lose everything.


10 Songs You Totally Forgot About That Will Make You Nostalgic For The Early 2000s

As much as we loved them then, the early 2000s weren't exactly the most memorable years, especially for music. For every "Hey Ya" or "Lose Yourself," there are at least 10 other songs that you will only remember when you hear them again.  Here are 10 of those songs that will have you saying "Oh my god, THIS song!" right before you completely forget about them again."Tipsy" - J-KwonIf you were in high school at the time, then I guarantee that this was your house party anthem. J-Kwon was only 17 when this song blew up, so even

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13 Horror Movie Facts Guaranteed To Keep You Up At Night

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre scene that was "worse than Vietnam"Suddenly all your family dinners during the holidays don't seem that bad.VortexThe infamous dinner scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre is known for being incredibly hard to sit through, but as it turns out it was even harder to film. The actor who played Grandfather hated the process of applying his makeup so much that he refused to go through it again, leaving them to shoot all of his scenes in one brutal 36 hour marathon.A whole lot of nope.VortexTo make things worse, they were filming


24 Pictures That Will Make You So Nostalgic You Can Practically Taste It

Sometimes our memories are so closely linked to our senses that when we think of them we experience all those sights, smells, sounds, and tastes as if we've been transported back in time. Here are a bunch of things that may as well be a time machine, because you're going to experience those feels all over again.1. The struggle of trying to press down all the buttons at onceAmazonWe knew it would never work, but that didn't stop us from trying. Multiple times. 2. The sound of flipping through a giant binder of CDsImgurThe only struggle harder than turning


10 Songs You Haven't Thought About Since 2005

There are some songs that we are never able to forget, no matter how much time has passed since we first heard them. Then there are the songs that seem to just vanish from our memories, even if we actually loved them at the time. Even though we haven't thought about these songs in at least 10 years, I promise that the second you hear them again you'll wonder how you ever forgot they existed."Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" - Nine DaysI know for a fact that as soon as you heard the line "This is the story of

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31 Movies Guaranteed To Get You Ready For Halloween

While some people might think that Fall is all about finally getting to wear sweaters again and Pumpkin Spice Everything, we all know what this time of year is really about: Halloween! And now that it's almost October, it's officially socially acceptable to start getting ready for Halloween.Me, as soon as it's October 1st.GiphyBut there are so many horror and Halloween-themed movies, we can't possibly watch them all over the next 31 days. Lucky for you, I've made this handy guide to help get you ready for the scariest holiday of the year. We'll start off


The '90s Are Making A Comeback, But These Things Can Stay In The Past

For the past few years, everything '90s has been becoming cool again. So many things that we loved and thought were gone forever have been making a comeback. Most of our favorite drinks, snacks, shows, movies, and fashions from when we were kids are finally getting introduced to a new generation.'90s kids reacting to all the awesome things getting brought back.NBCBut for all of its greatness, not everything in the '90s was totally awesome. There were some things that we all did that, honestly, should probably just stay in the '90s. We might have loved them once,