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10 Songs You Totally Forgot About That Will Make You Nostalgic For The Early 2000s

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As much as we loved them then, the early 2000s weren't exactly the most memorable years, especially for music. For every "Hey Ya" or "Lose Yourself," there are at least 10 other songs that you will only remember when you hear them again.  Here are 10 of those songs that will have you saying "Oh my god, THIS song!" right before you completely forget about them again.

"Tipsy" - J-Kwon

If you were in high school at the time, then I guarantee that this was your house party anthem. J-Kwon was only 17 when this song blew up, so even though his career fizzled after this, his teen drinking years were still way more productive then ours.

"From AM to PM" - Christina Milian

While definitely not the biggest pop star from the early 2000s, Christina Milian did have a decently successful career. I'm willing to bet that all of us awkwardly danced with our crush at a school dance to this song at some point.

"Heaven" - DJ Sammy

If you ever need one thing to describe what the early 2000s were like to someone who didn't experience them, you definitely can't go wrong with this Eurodance cover of a Bryan Adams song. It was a weird time for us all.

"Butterfly" - Crazytown

Remember when nu-metal was a thing? We all kinda made fun of it, but don't even pretend like you didn't secretly love this so-awful-it's awesome song.

"What Would You Do?" - City High

This was another song that was a mainstay of school dances, but when you actually listen to the lyrics it's pretty obvious just how "wtf" this song is. Like, I get wanting to help out a childhood friend that you think is making bad choices, but interrogating them outside a party where they're supposed to be working might not be the time or place, dude from City High...

One Tree Hill fans will probably find the next one awfully familiar...

"I Don't Want To Be" - Gavin DeGraw

If you do remember this song, you probably only remember it as the song that was in the final episode of One Tree Hill. It also sounds exactly like a song that would be featured on One Tree Hill.

"Smooth Criminal" - Alien Ant Farm

In case you feel like that "Eurodance cover of Bryan Adams" isn't an accurate enough way to describe the entertaining dumpster fire that was the early 2000s, I present to you "pop punk cover of Michael Jackson." It'll definitely get stuck in your head, though.

"Swing Swing" - All-American Rejects

There probably wasn't a better time to be an angst-ridden teen than the early 2000s, because there were just so many indie rock bands to choose from. If Dashboard Confessional was too mellow for you, and My Chemical Romance was too emo, then you at least had All-American Rejects to play at an absurd volume on your discman.

"Let Me Blow Ya Mind" - Eve feat. Gwen Stefani

The fact that this song is so often forgotten should honestly be criminal. Eve is a damn treasure, and I will fight anyone who tries to say otherwise.

"Back Here" - BBMak

There are plenty of boy bands that have completely disappeared from our memories, and British pop group BBMak is but one of many. Just in case it wasn't glaringly apparent that this song is peak 2000s, just look at the over-the-ear-behind-the-head headphones the girl in the music video is wearing and tell me that you've honestly seen anyone wearing those in at least a decade.

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