22 Experiences Literally Everyone Had At Their Grandma's House

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Grandma's house was a pretty magical place for any kid. We'd get stuffed full of whatever food and candy we wanted, and the rules we normally had to follow at home didn't apply. But those aren't the only things we'd experience when we visited our Grandmas, chances are you saw all of these things every time you went over there.

1. Doilies absolutely everywhere

Basically every flat surface had at least one of them, usually more.

2. Getting so excited when you saw this tin sitting out

Because who doesn't get excited by cookies?

3. The feeling of betrayal when you opened it and saw this

It would trick us Every. Single. Time.

4. Distracting ourselves by playing with this instead

No clue why this was so much fun, but it was.

5. Sitting in the living room on a couch that looked like this

Why did literally every grandma have a couch like this?

6. Though it was probably covered in plastic for some reason

In the summer your legs would always get stuck to it.

7. One of these would always be sitting on the coffee table

Kappa Books

But we all knew better than to even think about touching it.

8. Any Kleenex boxes would have a crocheted cover for reasons we still don't understand

Was she worried they'd get cold or something?

9. One of these would be in some random corner of the living room

We'd always play on it, but otherwise we're pretty sure it went untouched.

10. No matter what year it was, her TV looked like this

If you were really lucky it at least had a remote, otherwise changing the channel was your job.

11. And you were probably stuck watching her shows


Of course she loved us, but nothing would keep her from her shows. Nothing. But at least the next thing on the list would always make being bored worth it.

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