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24 Pictures That Will Make You So Nostalgic You Can Practically Taste It

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Sometimes our memories are so closely linked to our senses that when we think of them we experience all those sights, smells, sounds, and tastes as if we've been transported back in time.

Here are a bunch of things that may as well be a time machine, because you're going to experience those feels all over again.

1. The struggle of trying to press down all the buttons at once

We knew it would never work, but that didn't stop us from trying. Multiple times.

2. The sound of flipping through a giant binder of CDs

The only struggle harder than turning the page was deciding which CD you wanted to listen to.

3. The frustration of trying to roll one of these maps back up

Every pull would just unroll it more, then right as you were about to give up it would rocket back up, basically yanking you up with it.

4. The hint of wood flavor when you ate those ice cream cups

We didn't even care, if anything it made it taste even better.

5. The weird rubbery feeling of those Livestrong bracelets

We'd basically cram so many of them onto our wrists that we could barely bend our arms. But they raised money for charity, so I guess it was worth it.

6. The taste of a Viennetta cake

You couldn't help but feel classy eating this, which isn't what you'd expect from an ice cream cake.

7. The crippling anxiety you felt when you were sure you were about to lose your damn finger

I'm getting stressed out just thinking about it.

8. The smell of permanent markers

Obviously huffing marker fumes is a bad idea, but that didn't stop us from breathing in deep whenever we needed to use one of these for a school project.

9. Pretending to know what we were doing when we played Minesweeper

We get what those numbers mean now, but don't even act like you didn't just click randomly and hope for the best when we played it as kids.

10. The feeling of peeling glue off your hand

We didn't need smartphones to distract us, just white glue. It was one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

11. Feeling like the world's greatest artist when you added color to your MS Paint squiggles

Move over, Picasso, there's a new artist in town.

12. The weird, kind of scratchy feeling of these hideous couches

It made having those ugly old couches totally worth it. We were so easily entertained. But that's not the only weird thing we did to pass the time.

13. The stabby poke of the lead when you pretended to "shoot up" with a mechanical pencil

Because pretending to do drugs is just a normal thing kids do, right?

14. The gentle click of pressing a flip phone's buttons

And thanks to T9 we were pressing them a lot.

15. The way your heart would stop as soon as you realized why your music stopped playing

16. The poky feel of using your finger to try and rewind it

Sure, we were supposed to just use a pen, but we didn't always have one handy.

17. The delicious burn of a Sour Altoid in your mouth

Just looking at that picture has me drooling.

18. The deafening sound of a Spacemaker exploding as it hits the floor

They would never just fall and hit the ground, they would explode with the force of a nuclear bomb.

19. The rage you felt every time you saw this stupid dog while playing Duck Hunt


No matter how much you love animals, you've sincerely wished you could shoot that smug smile right off his face.

20. The squishy feeling of a pencil grip between your fingers

It made the seemingly endless hours of practicing your cursive writing almost worth it. Almost.

21. Basically going deaf every time you heard the loudest sound in existence before a movie

We would always forget to turn the volume down, and by the time you start to hear that deep "bwaaaaaaahm" it's already too late.

22. The grinding feeling when you turned the crank on a gumball machine

Sure, the gum's flavor would only last about as long as it took to turn the crank in the first place, but it was always worth it.

23. The smoky, sulfur smell after setting off a cap

It smelled like an awesome childhood.

24. Feeling like a genius when you flipped over a Memory card and knew exactly where its match was

Now I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast this morning...

How many of these took you right back to your childhood?

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