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Sure, It Was A Wonderful Kind Of Day, But Where Would The Cast Of Arthur Be Now?

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Elwood city was the place we all wanted to be. It was filled with the best cast of characters ever, and we would have given just about anything to attend Lakewood Elementary School with Arthur and his friends.

The Read family was one that we all had a strong connection to. Whether you favored Arthur or D.W., you probably related to both of them on different days.

The supporting characters on the show are iconic, and even though the show has been on for over 20 years, it's fun to imagine what would have happened to the characters if they had actually grown up.

Arthur Muffy Francine and Buster

So goodbye third grade, and hello fictional future. Let's see where all of your favorite characters are now!

Arthur Read

Arthur Read

Arthur is almost 30 now and he's starting to panic. He hasn't really figured out what he wants to do with his life yet, but he's tried a bunch of different things. He's had a lot of jobs over the last few years that pay his rent, but his real passion is still to play the piano. He has a local bar that lets him play on Thursday nights, but sometimes he gets heckled and it really hits him hard.

He has gotten really into Capoeira and is shockingly good at it. He leaves his boring insurance job everyday feeling a little run down, but then he heads to his Capoeria class and gets pumped up. He still talks to his best friend Buster though, at least whenever he can get a hold of him.

Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter

Buster took to traveling more than anyone would have ever expected. While he was hesitant at first, he ended up loving the process of exploring the world and learning about other cultures. Now, he has found a way to make his love of travelling into his career.

He created his own television show on Netflix, called Backpacking With Buster, which follows him as he tries to adapt to different environments. One time Bear Grylls came on, but even he couldn't keep up with Buster.

Francine Frensky

Francine Frensky

Francine's athletic ambitions didn't stop in the third grade. She's become a professional athlete, stunt woman, and lifestyle guru. She competed on American Ninja Warrior and won, she is the official stunt woman for all of the Marvel movies, and she just launched her own blog that gives daily workouts and challenges to keep fit.

Buster tried to get her to appear on Backpacking With Buster, but she didn't have time. At least that's what she said to him, but honestly, I just don't think she remembered him.

Alan "The Brain" Powers

The Brain

The Brain made it through high school faster than intended, graduating three years early. At 14 he was welcomed to Harvard for one year before transferring to Oxford. When he came home he  revealed his newly affected British accent that drives his family insane.

However, despite the fact that he is highly educated, he actually prefers working in the ice cream parlor with his mother. He still writes scientific papers and hosts a weekly podcast where he does a deep dive into the wonders of the world, but most of the time you can find him hanging out with his mom. He says it's because he doesn't want to leave her alone, but I think he's just afraid to grow up.

Muffy Crosswire

Muffy Crosswire

Entitled and spoiled as a kid, Muffy always came across as a little bit annoying, but when she got older she had a bit of a falling out with her family. She moved out at 16 and emancipated herself from her parents, and moved to a large city on the other side of the country.

She became a youth counselor and works with a lot of charities that help other kids who are looking to break out of their family. Her older brother still keeps in touch and sometimes sends her money without their parents knowing.

But there are still more Lakewood Elementary characters we need to check in on...

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