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13 Dreadful Life Lessons You Learned While Playing 13 Dead End Drive That Haunt You To This Day

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Listen, board games were a very important part of our childhood. Dream Phone was played almost every weekend, Fireball Island was played on those days when you had the energy to set it up, but there was one game that trumped them all.

13 Dead End Drive was what happened if you mixed Clue with Mouse Trap, and also added in some good old-fashioned sabotage.

The object of the game was simple: Survive.

The backstory of the game (not that anyone really cared about that) was that a wealthy woman died and now there is a big fight over who will receive her fortune. Your job as a player is to get one of your characters to make it out of the house while their portrait is on the mantle, guaranteeing them the entire estate.

Simple in theory, not so simple in practice. You learn a lot about your friends, family, and even life while you play this game, and not all of it is that nice...

1. Trust No One

Sure, your sister says that you guys should team up against your cousin, but then when it comes time to pull the chandelier who's lying dead underneath? Oh, it's you! Everyone who plays this game is a filthy liar, and there's no reason to believe them.

I know that's the point of the game, but honestly, it's just a good life lesson. Okay, maybe not a good one because trust is sort of important, but be weary. There's always someone who is ready to throw you down a flight of stairs. At least in the game... If that's happening in real life you should probably talk to the cops.

2. Attention to details is annoyingly important

The set up of this game was a deterrent for actually playing it. There were a lot of times where my sister and I would try to play, but then the thought of setting up all the traps made us grab something simpler instead.

The thing was, if you didn't spend the many, many minutes assembling the things properly, you would end up trying to set off a trap and it just wouldn't work. There is honestly nothing less satisfying then trying to send someone flying off of a bookcase ladder only to have lost the piece that flips the ladder.

3. Proper clean up is crucial

I don't know if you had one of those families that let you keep the game set up all the time, but our mom always made us pack it away completely every time we played. One time, we didn't put the piece back in right, and it snapped. Then, for the rest of our lives we've had an unruly chandelier that just falls down whenever it wants.

If you want to take this into your real life, obviously that's an easy comparison, clean up after yourself. But, I think it's just as important to remember that chandeliers are very dangerous.

4. Detectives apparently walk slowly and decide on the will

Hey why doesn't he get there faster? I mean, I get that it's the game mechanic to add stress to the game, but it seems like a really weird one. Shouldn't they have had it be the lawyer getting to the door? A Detective has nothing to do with who gets the inheritance.

If this group of people was roaming around the house committing a bunch of murders, you think they would take some time to look out the window and realize that the cops are coming.

But don't worry, there were a lot more life lessons to learn...

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