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Sure, It Was A Wonderful Kind Of Day, But Where Would The Cast Of Arthur Be Now?

Elwood city was the place we all wanted to be. It was filled with the best cast of characters ever, and we would have given just about anything to attend Lakewood Elementary School with Arthur and his friends. The Read family was one that we all had a strong connection to. Whether you favored Arthur or D.W., you probably related to both of them on different days. The supporting characters on the show are iconic, and even though the show has been on for over 20 years, it's fun to imagine what would have happened to the characters if


The Trailer For The Mr. Rogers Documentary Has Been Released And It's Absolutely Heartwarming

Few things are as sacred as Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. The classic PBS children's show was on for 31 seasons, and even though it hasn't been filmed since 2001, it's still beloved to this day. Fred Rogers hosted the show with a kindness that can best be described as neighborly - at least that's what I think he would want to be described as. He was sweet, caring, and honest with his viewers, teaching them all the things they needed to learn.Every show started with the same song, while Rogers pulled on a cozy cardigan and asked us all if

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7 Bob Ross Products That Every Happy Little Fan Needs

Bob Ross is an absolute treasure. There is no doubt in my mind that he was a saint and we were lucky to have lived at a time where we could witness his genius. His ability to calmly paint some of the most stunning pictures while giving out little pieces of wisdom that apply so well to everyone's lives. There are no mistakes, we have happy accidents! PBSHe is full of joy and cheer, and has managed to bring an entire generation of people joy. It seems now more than ever we need his positive demeanor and cheerful nature, and

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Bob Ross Painted Thousands of Pictures, But This One Had A Special Message

Bob Ross was the type of television personality that actually made you feel good when you watched him. PBSIt wasn't some crazy drama you needed to follow, or elaborate plot that would change and evolve, it was just a calming half hour of television that would help you learn how to paint. PBSPeople loved this show. Bob Ross' calming tones were basically the best thing you could watch when you needed something comforting, and his painting skills were on a whole different level. The things he could do within 30 minutes was nothing short of incredible. PBSHe had fans all


Levar Burton Is Being Sued By The Creators Of 'Reading Rainbow'

Reading Rainbow was a big part of all of our childhoods. We would all be so excited to hear the new stories that Levar Burton would be reading to us and luckily it continued for decades.PBSHowever it isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Now, the show is causing quite the commotion after beginning a legal battle with the former host, Levar Burton. He is being sued by the creators of the series for violating contracts.PBSBurton launched a kickstarter back in 2014 to try and fund a reboot of the show. It didn't seem to work out exactly as planned,


How Many Of These Classic PBS Shows Can You Still Name?

There were a lot of shows that kids watched when we were kids. We also had this enormous library of VHS tapes to pull from so we were never bored. But there was one channel that stood above the rest: PBS. PBSPBS was the best of the best. They had children's programming on for hours and hours and all of it was amazing. How many of these PBS shows did you watch? Think you could identify them from a screenshot? Give it a try!1. PBS2. PBS3. PBS4. PBS5. PBS6. PBS7. PBS8. PBS9. PBS10. PBS11. PBS12. PBS13. PBS14. PBS15. PBSHow

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Dare You To Read This And Not Miss Zoboomafoo

Zoboomafoo was one of those shows that not everyone remembers, but those who do absolutely LOVE it. PBSThe Kratt brothers would take us on interesting trips all over the place and teach about super cool animals. And of course they were always visited by their good buddy Zoboomafoo. PBSZoboomafoo was an awesome lemur who would hop into the "Animal Junction" and would turn into a puppet after being fed some fruit. Then he could talk and interact with the Kratt brothers and tell us all about his time in the Zobooland.GiphyThe Kratt brothers weren't just actors, Martin has a


10 Amazing Facts About Bob Ross That Prove He Was Exactly As Wonderful As You Thought He Was

Probably one of the most soothing people who has ever appeared on TV is Bob Ross. The talented painter is capable of making every brush stroke into an incredible landscape that you couldn't even imagine, all the while speaking some of the most positively joyful words you will ever hear. We all have watched it on PBS at least once in our life, some of us have even attempted to follow along. Trying to paint like Bob Ross isn't the easiest thing, but as he said, "there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents". The calming presence of Bob Ross


Be A Good Neighbor, Tune In To Watch Mr. Rogers One Last Time

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood! If you are looking for a new neighbor, then get ready because every single episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood will be available online starting at May 15th at 12pm PST. But why is this glorious treat being given to us? What have we done to deserve such a majestic experience? It's actually a fundraiser! They are airing all of the episodes online as a way to raise money for PBS. PBS has given us so much over the years and now it's your turn to give back! They have 886 episodes to go


Libraries Have Started Hosting Bob Ross Paint-Alongs, But You Might Wait Months To Get In

If there is one person that we can all agree is a genuinely delightful person, it would be Bob Ross. Every single word out of his mouth feels like it's designed specifically to relax you, and every single piece of art he created was unbelievably amazing. Everyone who has watched his show on PBS knows that he would start by slapping down a layer of liquid white, and then start applying paint in seemingly random areas. A little here, a little there, and then suddenly he's got this gorgeous landscape scene with a mountain, some fluffy clouds, and of course