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10 Trends From The 90s We Would All Really Like To Forget

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Listen, we can all reminisce about the 90s until we are blue in the face, but there were some fads that just were a little bit... well, bizarre, is the best way to put it.

No decade can claim that they were free from the crazy flash fads that seemed to come and go before anyone could really understand what was going on, but the 90s sure did have some weird ones.

How many do you remember?

1. Chain Wallets

You couldn't trust anyone back in the 90s. You had to make sure those things were secured properly into your pocket, and failing that, would be dragging along behind you.

2. Swing Music

You guys, how did we let this happen? Swing music is and will always be fantastic, but how did it become a decade-defining genre in the 90s? Sure, the songs are great and it is super fun to dance to, but how did we let a couple of movies completely change the way we dressed and spoke? You know what, I guess it's not the worst fad out there, so we shouldn't complain too much about it.

3. Zumbaz Pants

Okay, you might think they look tacky and overly colorful, but be honest, you'd still rock them. I know they were terrible, and we are supposed to look back and be horrified that we wore them, but I would still wear them. I can't even lie.

4. Toe Rings

You know what's comfortable? Having a piece of decorative metal shoved into a shoe. So necessary.

5. Starter Jackets

These jackets were the most important thing that a lot of people owned, but really they were glorified windbreakers.

Seriously, they just keep getting worse...

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