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20 Iconic Hairstyles That Every 90s Kid Remembers Trying (And Failing) To Recreate Themselves

Growing up, every generation has their own styles that seemed to take over. However, in the 90s, everything seemed to jump into hyper-drive, probably because of all of the media that was targeting the young people in the country.

It seemed like the 90s had about 8,000 different trends that popped up, but it was the hairstyles that really were the most important part. You can wear whatever clothes you wanted, but if your hair wasn't perfect then what was the point?

These 20 hairstyles were the most iconic of their time, and we all had them at one point or another. If we didn't, then someone in our classes absolutely did.

1. The mushroom cut was the most definitive look of the decade

Super Pop

2. But sometimes they would split the hair right down the middle, because that's obviously cooler than it being straight across

3. Baby Spice helped bring pigtails to a new level of cool

4. Or if that wasn't your thing you could have it shoulder length and flipped out, just like the Olsens

5. Basically all of the hairstyles in the 90s for guys seemed to involve some form of mushroom cut, but this one was for those who wanted to use excessive hair gel so that their head looked wet at all times


6. Or if you wanted to go all out, spiking up your frosted tips was also an option

7. Ladies, you know that you had a random collection of gems that you would clip throughout your hair

8. Sometimes you would even work them into some crimped pieces

Disney Channel

9. Seriously, we can't express enough how frosted those tips were...

10. Hair got really tall in the 90s


11. Whether it was the cut, or because we all had scrunchies holding our hair up to dangerous heights

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

12. Mariah's curls were pretty iconic, making perms the most desirable style

13. Of course you can't catalog 90s hairstyles properly without discussing 'The Rachel.' Even though Jennifer Anniston herself hated the look, it swept the nation like crazy

14. Twisty pieces pulled back into butterfly clips were an absolute essential - bonus points if you pulled out some small strands right up front!

15. George Clooney's Caesar-style haircut really made an impact (whether we wanted it to or not)

Jeff Katz/NBCU Photo Bank

16. Seriously though, gel sales went through the roof


17. The importance of the feathered bang can not be overstated. It was everything


18. Geri Halliwell had an epic and magical style where the front of her hair was a different color than the rest and it was iconic and wonderful

19. She was our princess, and her hair was amazing

20. And of course, whatever Gwen Stefani was doing at the moment

What was your go-to look in the 90s?