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This "Baby-Sitters Club" Reunion Is a Punch In The Nostalgia

While the Golden Globes seem to have been free from scandal and drama this year, we can thank them for one thing, bringing the Baby-Sitters Club back together again!

Rachel Leigh Cook, who played Mary Anne Spier in the show, met up with her co-stars from the 1995 coming-of-age classic and it was as magical as you can imagine.

Larisa Oleynik, who played Dawn Schafer, Bre Blair, who played Stacey McGill, and Schuyler Fisk, who played Kristy Thomas, as well as the movie's director, Melanie Mayron, were all on hand for the Sunday night event.

That gathering happened because Fisk who lives in Texas, and Oleynik who is based in New York City, happened to be in Los Angeles, so Mayron offered to host the group at her place.

After setting the plans in place through email, the group was ready for a trip down memory lane, and it was exactly what anyone would have hoped for.

Even though it had been 22 years since the Baby-Sitters Club aired, Cook admitted that it felt like nothing had changed between them.

"It's like no time has passed at all! First of all, these girls look amazing," the 38-year-old actress gushed. "And I think we all trusted each other enough back then, even as young teens, to behave like our authentic selves. So for better (them) or worse (me), we’re still very similar to the people we were back in 1995."

"this [SIC] is a club i’m so grateful to be a part of 🙌🏼 these women have my heart...and all my secrets 😬. #friendsforever#bsc4life," Fisk captioned her Instagram post.

With plenty of Italian food on hand, the group had lots to talk about.

"There is always so much to catch up on -- marriages, babies, breakups, work, politics. You name it, we went there," she explained. "Then we stopped chatting to watch Oprah’s Golden Globes speech. It felt like the perfect way to end a girl power kind of a night."

So does that mean there could be a reboot in the works?

While the ladies have hung out a few times in recent years, they have pretty much ruled out an official reboot. Cook, however, had an idea about how they could all be on camera again together and we're excited about the possibility!

"We have considered doing a spoof of some kind, but I think we are just looking for an excuse to hang out together more," she joked.

Not all the girls were on hand for the L.A. reunion, but they were certainly not forgotten.

"I adore all of these girls, but the one I see the most is definitely Marla Sokoloff, who ironically played my sworn enemy, Cokie Mason, who was always trying to steal Logan Bruno," she explained. "Marla and I hang out a lot, and our kids are around the same ages. She’s the best -- so funny!"

The now Fuller House star couldn't make the gathering because her husband was sick.

Stacey Ramsower couldn't make it either, along with Tricia Joe who played Claudia Kishi, and Zelda Harris, who played Jessi Ramsey. They haven't been able to join because they don't live in L.A., but that doesn't mean they have been forgotten by their castmates.

"I really hope they know that they are missed," Cook said.

Would you like to see an official reboot of the classic or would a spoof be enough?

Source: ET