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9 Of The Most Stressful Games You Used To Play As A Kid

There are a lot of board games in the universe, some good and some bad. The thing is, some are good in a way but if you think about it they are kind of bizarre. A lot of the games we used to play as kids were just the most stressful things imaginable. There were ticking times, beeping buzzers and exploding brains, all in the name of fun.

How many of these games do you remember? How did they not just give us all tiny little heart attacks? Some of these stress me out just to think about them...

1. Perfection

Because not only do you want a game that is counting down a timer, but you want the end result to be cleaning up a bunch of sharp plastic pieces. Who else remembers forgetting some and then stepping on them later that day? Worse than Lego.

2. Operation

Trying to avoid the sides of this guy's body were not the easiest, but at least you got the satisfaction of not killing him if you succeeded. That's what all children want responsibility for right? A human life?

3. Crocodile Dentist

Because what every kid wants to stick their hands into a crocodile's mouth right? Not really thanks...

4. Don't Wake Daddy

At any second this creepy animatronic-robo-dad is going to jump out and startle you, so I guess beware?

5. Gooey Louie

The purpose of this game was to pull the "gooeys" out of Louie to win. Look at it... you are pulling boogers out of a guy until his brain pops out. What...?

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6. Kerplunk

This game always made me nervous. It wasn't as much of a big jump scare, but it was a high-pressure situation for sure!

7. Jenga

If you had a steady hand it was fine, but if you were clumsy it was a nightmare. Anytime you think you have it under control your hand slips or twitches and then everyone is laughing at you.

8. Thin Ice

The kids' faces on this box are pretty weird, but look how sad that penguin is. It looks very shocked and sad and I don't know that I would want to play this game if it was going to upset him!

9. Bop It

I know it's not technically a board game, but it was pretty stressful right? It just went so fast and yelled at you so quickly.