9 Facts That Will Make Watching 'Casper' Even Better

Casper has always been one of my favorite movies, and not just at Halloween. While it may not be the scariest movie you play at Halloween, it doesn't really matter because this movie is just wonderful.

It's funny, entertaining and has its moments where you don't want to admit that you have tears in your eyes. Whether you had a crush on Devon Sawa in the 90's (who didn't, honestly), or want to get lost into a world where you can laugh and cry with your favorite ghosts, you will want to rewatch this one as soon as possible.

If these interesting facts about everyone's favorite 90's ghost movie doesn't make you want to watch it right now, I don't know what will.

There was supposed to be a sequel

What?!? How did I not know this until now? A live-action sequel of Casper was proposed in 2001, and a script was even drafted up, but it ended up being trashed. The original movie grossed over $100 million at the box office, but was still considered a disappointment.

Also, at the time both Christina Ricci and Bill Pullman were attached to other projects, so instead they opted for a cartoon series.


The CGI was top notch for the time

While it may seem a little outdated to watch now, but at the time the effects were cutting edge! They're still pretty decent by today's standard too.


They used a fishing line on Christina Ricci

While the CGI may have been top notch, not all their effects were top of the line. Remember the scene where Christina Ricci's character gets pulled into the lighthouse from outside by Casper? They used a makeshift fishing line to make it seem like she was being held by a ghost.


It was the first time a main character was computer animated

It seems like it happens all the time today, but it wasn't always the case where they could pull off a main character with just a computer. Casper was the first time a computer animated character was the star of the show.


The sentence on the chalkboard said...

Remember when Casper was fooling around and starts writing on the chalkboard? Have you ever stopped to wonder what he wrote? Well, here it is! "Paul Revere and William Dowes saw and warned." Interesting...


Big names make crazy cameos

Remember when Dr. Harvey morphs into some crazy people when the Ghostly Trio invades his body? There are some familiar faces in the bunch including Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, Rodney Dangerfield and The Crypt Keeper. Cool!

Whipstaff Manor is a real place

This super creepy manor is actually based off a real life manor. It's called Casa Batlló and is located in Barcelona, Spain. I wonder if the real one is haunted with ghosts too?

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Devon Sawa and Christina Ricci played love interests in multiple movies

The 90's were a great time, especially for Devon Sawa and Christinat Ricci. While they played love interests in Casper it wasn't the only time on screen that they would be seen together. Now and Then also had them exchanging loving glances. I know many teenage girls that would have loved to switch places with Ricci.

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Devon Sawa was also in another movie with Bill Pullman

Let's face it, Devon Sawa was everywhere in the 90's! In 2000, he was in the movie The Guilty with Bill Pullman.

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Source: Casper Wiki / Gurl.com