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10 Things You Totally Forgot About Casper, The Friendly Ghost

He's been haunting pop culture since the the '90s live-action movie, Casper, but your favorite friendly ghost still has some surprises in store for you. No matter how many times you've re-watched Casper over the years, there are some plot points you may have overlooked, or tried to bury in your mind, for good reason. I'm sure next time you turn this classic '90s movie on, all these memories will come flooding back!1. Kat's Class Volunteers Her House For Their Halloween PartyI always remember Kat volunteering to host the part to upstage the popular girl, but no I was


9 Facts That Will Make Watching 'Casper' Even Better

Casper has always been one of my favorite movies, and not just at Halloween. While it may not be the scariest movie you play at Halloween, it doesn't really matter because this movie is just wonderful. It's funny, entertaining and has its moments where you don't want to admit that you have tears in your eyes. Whether you had a crush on Devon Sawa in the 90's (who didn't, honestly), or want to get lost into a world where you can laugh and cry with your favorite ghosts, you will want to rewatch this one as soon as possible.If


8 Questions We All Have About The Movie 'Casper'

Casper was one of the best movies from our childhood. It was spooky enough without being too scary, and it made us all want to believe in ghosts. How cool would it be to have a little ghost friend who could help you out when you need them? Universal PicturesThe movie was really one of a kind, it did a lot of things that other movies hadn't yet done which probably helped make it feel as special as it did. Even though the movie was obviously amazing, there are still a few things that happen in it that are really