9 Things We Used To Say All The Time That Are Now Completely Irrelevant

I was born in the 80s so I actually remember hearing (and in most cases using) all of these phrases, and in one case I still use it to do this day. If you were born pre-1994 you likely remember most of these yourself, so here we go.

1. Why don't you check the classifieds?

Now this one is an oldie and a goody. Before the age of Kijiji, you actually had to open up a newspaper to see what people were selling, what jobs were currently available, and for the personal ads. Now the classifieds still exist in the modern newspaper, but online searches for everything has made them more of a nostalgic touch than a useful page in the daily news.


2. Just stop and ask for directions!

I can't count the number of times I heard someone yell that specific phrase at my father as we aimlessly tried to find where we were going. In the age of GPS and smartphones who actually stops to ask the local store clerk for direction?

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3. Be kind, please rewind!

Oh how I miss Blockbuster. Going there Friday evenings after dinner to rent a movie and a video game was always a highlight of my grade school life. For those of you currently scratching your heads, rewinding a tape meant actually spending time getting your movie all the way back to the start.

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4. Beep me.

Before smartphones there was your standard cell phone. But before cellphones became a cultural norm, we had pagers and payphones. "Beep me" meant call my pager and I will call you back when I find a phone. It wasn't perfect, but it was so much simpler to ignore people then.


5. Call collect.

Yet another phone-related phrase that has become obsolete as the years have passed. Now, collect calls still exist but I can't think of someone outside of a prison that would make them on a regular basis. Regardless, it is a way to phone someone and have them pay for the call.

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6. I've gotta go get the photos developed.

Back in the day you had to take pictures on a disposable camera because high quality cameras were far too expensive for the average person. That meant bringing your roll of film to a store to have them develop it. Before the age of Facebook, this was the original way to "creep someone's photos." Seriously, having a stranger look at all your family (or personal) pictures was really weird.


7. Call 4-1-1.

Does 411 still even exist? Back in the stone age of technology, if you needed to find someone's phone number you had two choices, one of which was calling 411 to connect with an operator. They would do their best to put you in touch with who you were trying to reach, for a fee of course.


8. Check the phone book.

I don't remember when these titular information modules went out of fashion, but back in the day every house had one. If you needed someone's phone number or address, and you didn't want to pay 411 for the information, you could look them up in the phone book. Oh how I miss the phone book.


9. Use the landline.

I still have a landline so I don't know you can call this obsolete, mind you mine isn't physically attached to the wall like they used to be. Cell phones have made the proverbial home phone a technological dinosaur, but I won't give mine up without a fight.

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Oh how the current generation will never understand how hard life used to be.