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12 Things Guaranteed To Ruin Your Life When You Were a Kid

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Life is so much simpler when you're a kid; you don't have to worry about bills, your body isn't failing on you in every possible way, and your food is always made for you by your parents. It's pretty great.

Thing is though, because we had it so easy, the smallest things would just absolutely ruin our day and turn us into crying messes. Here's just a few things that, in retrospect, probably weren't worth getting upset over.

Waiting for your sibling to die so you could have the freaking controller


When you walked into the school gym and saw the ropes hanging from the ceiling


When your Happy Meal was missing a toy


When these bastards failed at their job and just tore up the paper, or left it a blurry mess


Discovering that the anti-skip feature was a total lie


These next few used to absolutely crush us...

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