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10 Magazine Covers From The 80s That Will Make You Feel Like You've Traveled Back In Time

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The 80s will continue to be one of the best decades of all time. There has never (and will never) be a decade that is more colorful, more ridiculous, or more fun. Sure, some people may be saying that we are all stuck in the past and that we should move on, but honestly, there is no point. We are never going to achieve the same intense obsession with hairspray and blue eyeshadow again, so let's all remember it while we still can.

Obviously, there was no internet in the 80s, so following the trends was all done through magazines. You can see all the big trends in the covers that we used to care so much about, and boy, are they ever great. Let's take a look at all the wonderful covers of magazines from the greatest decade ever and see how much we can figure out about the trends at the time.

1. Brook Shields on TIME

Brooke Shields was the girl everyone was obsessed with in the 80s. Those eyebrows, that perfect hair, and really just everything about her was the ideal look back in the day.

2. Michael Jackson on Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Magazine

Michael Jackson was taking over the world with hit song after hit song, and his dance moves were the envy of literally every human on the planet.

3. Madonna on People Weekly

People Weekly

That's such a good 80s look for Madonna, she really was the most trendsetting woman in the country for a while.

4. Molly Ringwald on Seventeen

Seventeen Magazine

The magazine targeting teens knew exactly who would sell copies, and it was none other than Brat Pack member Molly Ringwald. She could do no wrong.

5. Kirk Cameron, Alyssa Milano, Sean Aston and more on Bop


Similar in style to Teen Beat, Bop was a good way to get all your updates in one convenient place.

Those aren't the only amazing covers from the 80s that will spark a bunch of memories...

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