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25 Pictures That Will Bring Every 90s Kid Back To The Console Wars


Nowadays, video game fans have the Xbox One and PS4 to fight over which is more powerful, while PC and Nintendo fans are kind of just off doing their own thing. However, if you liked video games in the 90s, you probably get flashbacks to just how heated the rivalry was over which console you preferred

In particular, these 25 images will take you through just how close we all came to total playground destruction, all over which thing to play video games was the "best."

It's impossible to overstate just how revolutionary and influential the Nintendo Entertainment System was to video games.


Nintendo even followed it up by giving us the Game Boy, the first system that let us take all of our games on the go.


However, in the late summer of 1989, a challenger appeared: the Sega Genesis.


Sega didn't waste any time trying to seem like they were that much better than their rivals at Nintendo.


For starters, the console was 16-BITS instead of 8! That was twice the number of bits, which meant it was twice as good!


Let's not forget BLAST PROCESSING either!

Keep reading for the start of the Console Wars...

Not only that, but their new mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, immediately threw down the gauntlet against Nintendo's already iconic Super Mario.


The system even had ports of some super popular arcade games on it... that you could play at HOME!

Sega Atlas

In short, it was every kid's dream come true, and we all wanted one.

Seriously, everyone wanted it.DK Oldies

But then, a year later, Nintendo fired back with possibly one of the most beloved consoles of all time: the Super Nintendo.

Vintage Computing

It was ALSO 16-Bit, and could even do these crazy Mode-7 graphics!


Not to mention Mario was back, and this time he brought his new dinosaur buddy Yoshi along for the ride.


And just like that, everything changed. The Console Wars of the 90s had begun.


Things just get uglier from here...

Everyone drew lines in the sand. You were either on Team Nintendo, or Team Sega.


It was Final Fight versus Streets of Rage.

Capcom / Sega

F-Zero versus Outrun.

Nintendo / Sega

Final Fantasy III versus Phantasy Star IV.

Square Enix / Sega

Kirby Super Star versus Ristar.

Nintendo / Sega

Contra III versus Vectorman.

Konami / Sega

And of course, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past versus Beyond Oasis.

Nintendo / Sega

Which one you chose was serious business. Seriously, fights started over this.


Playground arguments were had between each set of fans for days at a time.


Except of course for that one rich kid who had both.


And that one weirdo who was all about the Turbografx-16.


At the end of the day though, what we remember most is the games.


Were you a Sega or Nintendo kid?