10 Magazine Covers From The 80s That Will Make You Feel Like You've Traveled Back In Time

The 80s will continue to be one of the best decades of all time. There has never (and will never) be a decade that is more colorful, more ridiculous, or more fun. Sure, some people may be saying that we are all stuck in the past and that we should move on, but honestly, there is no point. We are never going to achieve the same intense obsession with hairspray and blue eyeshadow again, so let's all remember it while we still can. Obviously, there was no internet in the 80s, so following the trends was all done through magazines.


10 Pop Stars From The 90s That Have Aged Like Fine Wine

It makes me happy to report that our favorite 90s pop stars are still great to look at. Here's a list of 10 that have aged perfectly:1. NSYNCNSYNC stole our hearts in the 90s and they're back at it in 2018 when we realized they're hotter than ever.Popcrush2. Justin TimberlakeAlthough Justin was part of NSYNC, he deserves his own recognition because seriously, just look at him. He is considered one of the best looking men, and you can probably see why. He will also be playing the half-time show at the Super Bowl this year. eonline3. Backstreet BoysThe