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7 Things Everyone Who Has Ever Watched An '80s Aerobics Video Knows To Be True

The 80s were all about sweatbands, leg warmers, and spandex so tight that it was essentially a second skin. There was this intense workout craze that exploded in popularity, and all of our moms were watching videos or listening to records in the living rooms doing leg lifts and step kicks to some upbeat music.

We all remember it, whether we were kids watching our moms or actually the ones doing them ourselves, those 80s workout videos and records were absolutely iconic. If you lived through it, you remember exactly what it was really like.

1. You needed the perfect leotard, preferably one that was so shiny that it was almost reflective

You want to get a full workout, but it's ideal if no one has to watch you struggle. The best solution is to make yourself so reflective that no one can stand to look at you! Problem solved!

2. You need the tightest spandex leggings or snuggest tights to go under the leotard, the colors can range from just slightly off of your skin color to any florescent shade imaginable

It doesn't matter what color they are, as long as they are tight and keep your skin from breathing while you sweat buckets while stepping up and down.

3. Make sure you are wearing a belt because they are a high-value item

Because what you want when you are running around is to have something pressing on you tightly. I mean, you wouldn't want that leotard to fall down right?

4. Your ankles might get cold, so you need to get yourself a pair of legwarmers, ideally ones that match a part of your outfit in some way

If you were really stylish you probably had a pair of legwarmers for every day of the week, in every color imaginable!

Obviously those aren't the only things you need, there's still so much more...

5. You also won't do well at class if you can't stretch your legs above your head so make sure you get a good warm up

Bruno Benini

Seriously, it can't be stressed enough how important it was to make sure you were flexible enough. Don't ever try to do exactly what Jane Fonda did, because your body will not be able to do it.

6. You can't go to aerobics class alone, you need your group of friends to go with you

You got to get the whole gang together and if you were extra fancy it would involve matching outfits.

7. And finally, an ability to smile through the pain is basically required

You won't be allowed to come back to aerobics class if you don't pretend like that sweaty hour was the best one of your life. Even though every muscle in your body is screaming and you feel like you might die on the walk to your car, you have to keep smiling and dancing until you get home. Only then are you allowed to peel off your sweat-soaked leotard and put on clothes that don't hug every single part of your body.

Who else remembers almost dying in aerobics classes? Or watching their moms try it out at home?