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These 6 Totally Bitchin' Facts About "Valley Girl" Are So Whatever

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Like, remember when everyone in the 90s totally spoke as if they just like, stepped out of Cali? It was seriously grody, right?

Well thankfully we have moved on from this time in our lives, but if you ever wanted to take a spin down memory lane, there is no better time capsule of eye-rolling goodness than 90s low-budget flick Valley Girl.

Check out these facts that are like, zlint to the max!

A Rose By Any Other Name

The cult classic was a definite remake of the famous play Romeo and Juliet. Makes you wonder about the ending with Randy and Julie, no?

Zappa Didn't Dig It

Legendary rock star Frank Zappa and his daughter, Moon Unit, released their hit song "Valley Girl" which poked fun at the way young women were speaking and acting in that time.

The movie was definitely based on the song, and while at first Zappa was all for the adaptation, he eventually sued for "punitive damages."

Real Exposure

The studio that produced the film was okay with director Martha Coolidge doing whatever she wanted with the script, as long as she agreed to include partial nudity in order to target men.

When they saw how good the film was, they didn't mind that their agreement amounted to a few brief flashes. The audience didn't either!

The movie was for sure great because of the way star Nicolas Cage prepared for his role...

Getting Into Character

In order to get into the right mindset, Nicolas Cage lived out of his car in Hollywood. The producers were worried about him, but he assured them that if he needed help he could just use a pay phone!

Probably the hardest thing for him to do was look the part, meaning he actually had to shave his chest hair for the beach scene!

Who's That Girl?

Notice anything odd about the movie poster? Like how that isn't Deborah Foreman? Or that this girl isn't even in the film?

Turns out, the studio wanted to avoid extra fees when paying the actress, so they just hired a model for the promotional poster.


If you just couldn't get enough of the awesome 80s vibe of this film, then prepare yourself. There is totally a remake of Valley Girl coming out, and to make it even better, it's a musical!

The adaptation is set to come out this year, and we know it's going to be seriously trippendicular!

(Translation: Awesome)

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