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17 Fast Food Menu Items That Were Discontinued Way Too Soon

One of the hardest things about growing up is saying goodbye to old friends.

Whether you grow apart over time, or they're taken away from you too soon, we look back on the ones we once held dear and wish we could just see them one last time. Coincidentally, that's also how we feel about these 17 fast food menu items that were discontinued way too soon.

How many of them do you remember?

1. Taco Bell's Zesty Chicken Bowl


Talk about being ahead of its time. Lately Taco Bell has been trying to fend off Mexican-inspired contenders like Chipotle, but the chain was already making trendy chicken bowls way back in the early 2000s.

2. McDonald's Chicken Fajitas

While you can still get the chain's popular breakfast burrito, its cousin, the savory chicken fajita, has been discontinued since the '90s. Too bad, because they were a steal at 99 cents each!

3. Pizza Hut's Taco Pizza

This pizza actually went by a few names throughout the decades, including the Fiesta Pizza. Whatever you call it, it blends the best parts of a crunchy taco and a tasty pizza. The brand has brought back the recipe at certain chains, but fans are begging for a wide release.

4. McDonald's McSalad Shakers

We know, nobody goes to McDonald's to eat healthy. But these salad cups were a perfect snack when you were on the move.


5. Wendy's Stuffed Pitas

Wendy's tried to reinvent itself as the chain for "fresh" food a few times - remember the Frescata sandwiches?  Their best attempt was these pitas, which were stuffed with grilled chicken and veggies. Then again, you could make these at home pretty easily.

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6. McDonald's McDLT

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See the "McD" stands for McDonald's, and the L and T are lettuce and tomato. Pretty simple, but then the chain made things complicated with fancy packaging that still baffles us. Let George Costanza explain:

7. Pizza Hut's Triple Decker Pizza

Is it possible to build a pizza that's too cheesy? Pizza Hut certainly came close with this monstrosity that combines a quesadilla and a pizza.

8. McDonald's Onion Nuggets


This treat is really polarizing: people either love and miss them, or get grossed-out just thinking about them. But they're basically just bite-sized onion rings, and that's an idea we can get behind. Sadly, they were only available in a handful of test markets.

9. McDonald's Pizza

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The granddaddy of all discontinued fast food treats, fans will drive hundreds of miles to pick up a pie from the last three McDonald's franchises still serving pizza. The golden age of the McPizza was the '80s and '90s, when it seemed like the chain was willing to try anything to stay competitive.


10. Burger King's Cini-Minis

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Burger King's breakfast menu has gone through a lot of changes throughout the years, and every time the chain changes things up, fans demand the return of Cini-Minis. There's even a petition asking for the tasty cinnamon buns back.

11. McDonald's McJordan


Before cartoon fans got themselves in a tizzy over Szechuan sauce, devoted Michael Jordan fans were paying big bucks for containers of this limited-run burger's special sauce.

12. Taco Bell's Bell Beefer

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It's not quite a burger, and not quite a taco. In fact, it was probably the closest thing to a Sloppy Joe you could order from a fast food place. It was also available for a good two decades before leaving Taco Bell's menu board in the '90s.

13. Dairy Queen's Breeze

Swap the Blizzard's concrete-like ice cream for much lighter frozen yogurt and you get this low-fat treat. It was light and refreshing, but most people don't go to Dairy Queen for their low-fat menu items.

14. Burger King Shake 'em Up Fries

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Fries dusted with cheese flavoring were special enough, but half the fun with BK's special fries was shaking the bag to season them yourself.

15. Burger King's Yumbo

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When Burger King brought back this sandwich from the '70s for a limited time in 2014, almost nobody remembered it existed in the first place. In fact, many of the restaurant's fans convinced themselves that BK had made up the Yumbo as a marketing gimmick. But the black forest ham and cheese sandwich was real, and really good.

16. McDonald's Arch Deluxe

What do you get when you try to re-brand a family-friendly fast food restaurant for adults? The faux-gourmet Arch Deluxe, and these very pretentious ads. Still, we wish McDonald's would bring back the potato roll bun!

17. Wendy's Super Bar

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The Wendy's Super Bar, which let customers enjoy all-they-could-eat salad, was a hit with customers but a pain for the chain. Constantly refilling the bar and meeting the huge demand simply took too much time and money. Wendy's still has salads, but the Super Bar experiment helped kill buffets in fast food chains.

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