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15 Celebrity Hair Styles We All Copied (And Wish We Hadn't)

Celebrity hairstyles have always been a fascination of the public. A lot of the time it's how we decide how we want to style our hair! Obviously, they have more style experts in their corner than we do right?

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Well, sometimes they get it right but other times they may be leading us astray. Whether or not they were super stylish is up to you, but these 15 looks definitely made an impact.

Hugh Jackman's long hair

Jennifer Aniston's 'Rachel' cut


Sarah Jessica Parker's 80s curls

Barry King / WireImage

John Stamos' Uncle Jesse mullet


Mariah Carrey's tight curls

Michelle Pfieffer in Married to the Mob


Andre Agassi's mullet

Cyndi Lauper's half short - half long epic 80s hair

Danielle Fishel's butterfly clips

Drew Barrymore's flower child bob

Justin Timberlake's frosted tips

Britney Spears' crimped pig tails

Nick Carter's mushroom cut

Super Pop

Candace Cameron's feathered bangs


Jonathon Taylor Thomas, Matthew Lawrence, Rider Strong, and every other teen heartthrob's center part

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Teen Beat
Tiger Beat

Which of these hairstyles do you remember trying to copy?