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15 Beauty Trends From The Early 2000s That You Wish You Could Forget

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We have all made some regrettable decisions in our lives, that is just a fact. One thing that we have all been guilty of is following trends that really didn't deserve to be followed.

We didn't have the Y2K problems we expected, but this new millennium did present a different issue. All the sudden we became these monsters who thought eyebrows were evil and bronzer was the most important part of your look.

A lot of us fell victim to the 00s trends, and it's time to start the healing process and admit that we made some mistakes. The first step to recovering is admitting that you had a problem.

First of all, you know your eyebrows were almost non-existent

Sunless tanners were a real problem

Super chunky highlights that didn't match your hair color AT ALL were pretty much the norm

Sometimes if you wanted to look super fancy you would attach literal crystals to your face

The frosted effect of sliver or white eyeliner or eyeshadow "because it made your eyes look bigger"

Again, I cannot stress just how BAD the eyebrows were. They were like little apostrophes over your eyes

Any and all exposed flesh whether it was an arm, a neck or even your decolletage should be coated in glitter

There were a lot more beauty sins we committed regularly back then...

Purple eye-shadow was pretty much everywhere

Using a lip liner that was super dark and did not match your lip color in the least


"Lowlights" really became a thing. Having white blonde hair on top with black underneath, you know, to keep it natural

Some half curled-half crimped hybrid hair was pretty normal

Shorter hair styles always had to be flipped out on the bottom

If you didn't have the lipliner issue going on, you probably had the SUPER glossy frosted lip happening on your face and your hair was always getting stuck in it

If you wanted to rebel against the norms, you went for a ridiculously heavy eyeliner look

Men weren't innocent in all this, Frosted Tips are enough of an offense (how have these managed to come back into style?)

We survived it, and luckily our eyebrows have managed to grow back. Share if you fell victim to any of these trends!