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14 Totally Rad Beauty Products That Every 80s Girl Swore By

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The 80s was a time of gravity-defying hair, flashy clothes, bold makeup and funky gadgets. While a lot of products from that era continue to exist today, there were many that faded into obscurity.

There were as many cool products as there was wacky, but things wouldn't have been the same had they not existed.

Here are 14 cool, wacky, and totally rad beauty products that every girl who grew up in the 80s owned:

1. Press-on Nails

Blue Maize

Between time spent working out to jazzercise videos and styling your hair, there wasn't enough left to sit through a manicure session. Plus, some people had short nails and others were just too young for acrylics. These are just a few reasons why press-on nails were all the rage. Sure, these ready-to-wear nails didn't always stick well and sometimes it was a struggle to make them fit our thumbs, but when they did, they looked awesome. The best part was being able to instantly customize your nails to match your outfit. Oh, and they were available in "active length" style.

2. Lip Smacker Necklace

Like Totally 80s

The youth of the 80s took their lip care very seriously which is why Bonne Bell hit the jackpot when they introduced Lip Smackers. The only thing better than a Lip Smacker was giant Lip Smacker on a lanyard hanging around your neck so you're never caught without one. The lip gloss was especially addictive because it came in many different outrageous flavors like Dr. Pepper, Sour Grapes, Bubble Gum and even Tootsie Roll.

3. Electric Youth Perfume


A musician's career is apparently incomplete if they don't release their own fragrance. 80s teen queen Debbie Gibson teamed up with Revlon and launched a perfume named after her single and album, "Electric Youth." The blend of citrus and fruity oils made the scent a hit among tween and teen girls.

4. Salon Selectives


If you wanted your hair to look "like you just stepped out of a salon," then Salon Selectives shampoo and conditioner was created for you. Each set was labeled with a number to match your hair type. Fancy stuff.

5. Noxzema


Young people have never been safe from acne. Back in the 80s, Noxzema, the original deep cleaning cream, was all you needed in your medicine cabinet to keep breakouts at bay.

6. Rave Hairspray


No list about 80s beauty products would be complete if it didn't include hairspray. But not just any hairspray, we're talking Rave. The spray worked wonders anytime you wanted a big ol' do and kept the hair in place even after a night at the roller disco.

7. Fazz

Good Housekeeping

For a lot of tweens in the 80s, Fazz was their first makeup. Although it was sold at the toy store, it was jewelry and makeup in one. The eye shadows, blushes and lip glosses were contained in pastel-colored pieces that could also be worn as clips, necklaces, bracelets, and even a bolo tie.

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