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12 Adam Sandler Moments That Prove He Actually Used To Be Funny

Adam Sandler was one of the biggest comedians of the 90s and the early 2000s, but lately he seems to just do movies for the sake of doing movies. Even so, we still remember when he was one of the funniest people in movies, and these 12 clips will remind you, too.

When Steve Buscemi pushed him to go nuts in Airheads

When Billy Madison was both a jerk and a doofus

And when he got what he deserved for it.

But he turned it around and became a pretty good guy

And we got an academic decathlon out of it

We haven't even hit peak funny yet...

When Happy Gilmore got cut from hockey and dumped in the same day

So he tried his hand at golf instead

And he absolutely lost it a few times.

And who can forget when he gets his ass kicked by Bob "The Price Is Right" Barker?

Let's also not forget when he destroys a clown

Movies aside, who didn't love "The Chanukkah Song?"

And of course, his SNL appearances.

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