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15 Times Cartoons Asked Us To Ignore Just A Bit Too Much

As kids, we never take cartoons too seriously, but as adults looking back at what we used to watch, it becomes pretty obvious that some of these are totally messed up. In particular, here are a few things about our favorite cartoons that don't make any damn sense.

1) Donald Duck never wears pants... except at the beach


2) Why do married couples have to look exactly like each other?


3) Seriously, nobody else in Cinderella's village wore a size 6?


4) Waking up what is essentially a corpse with a kiss... more than once!


5) Raised by apes in the jungle, has literally no body hair


6) Gravity only kicks in once you look down

Warner Bros.

7) The smartest boy genius of all time can't build a good enough security system to keep his sister out?

Cartoon Network

It only gets weirder from here folks...

8) Wear trench-coats and fedoras to hide the fact that you're GIANT TALKING TURTLES

Fred Wolf Productions

9) The hell are Arthur's glasses attached to? His ears are up top!


10) Flying fish don't work that way, Aquaman


11) This total break in the laws of reality.


12) They are both dogs. One is bipedal and talks, one is a regular dog.


13) How does anyone not recognize that they're clearly Team Rocket?

The Pokemon Company

14) How does Ariel not communicate with Eric? She knows how to write!


15) How did the Flintstones celebrate Christmas? Christ wouldn't be born for millions of years.


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