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12 Actors That We Feel Like We Haven't Seen In At Least 20 Years

Some actors that were big parts of our childhoods have stood the test of time, but others seemed to be everywhere for a few years, only to almost completely disappear. In the case of these 12, we spent a good portion of our teen years going "Whatever happened to them?"

Jonathan Taylor Thomas


This kid was EVERYWHERE in the 90s, from shows like Home Improvement, to movies like Tom & Huck and Man of the House, to voicing Simba in the freaking Lion King! He left acting to pursue his education, and now occasionally writes and directs!

Charlie Korsmo


The young actor stole the hearts of everyone in movies like Men Don't Leave, Dick Tracy, What About Bob? and of course, Hook. However, he quit acting to focus on a lucrative career in corporate and banking law, which he continues to work in to this day!

Marissa Ribisi


We loved the curly-haired redhead in huge movies like Dazed and Confused, The Brady Bunch Movie, and Pleasantville. However, she soon left the industry entirely. Fun fact, her brother is actor Giovanni Ribisi.

Andrew Keegan


He was everyone's favorite cocky jerk in tons of movies and TV shows in the 90s, most notably 10 Things I Hate About You. Nowadays he runs a church called Full Circle, which was raided in 2015 for allegedly selling illegal fermented tea. Seriously.

Mike Vitar

The Wrap

He was a favorite of our childhoods thanks to playing Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez in The Sandlot, and Luis Mendoza in both Mighty Ducks sequels, but then he basically disappeared. These days he's a firefighter.

These next few will really make you ask "Oh man, where DID they go?!"

Marla Sokoloff


She was the absolute coolest as Gia on Full House, was Joey's pregnant sister Dina several times on Friends, and she also dated James Franco for a full 5 years after costarring with him in Whatever It Takes. Nowadays she mostly blogs and looks after her kids!

Erik Von Detten


He starred on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, voiced Sid in Toy Story, and of course, played Josh Bryant in The Princess Diaries. He still occasionally acts, but mostly spends time with his family.

Devon Sawa


He made girls' hearts flutter when he starred opposite Christina Ricci in both Casper and Now And Then, and we also loved him in Little Giants and Idle Hands. He still acts, just not as much.

Jenna von Oy


She was Blossom's BFF from 1990 to 1995, but has since stepped back to act in smaller roles, pursue a singing career, and spend time with her family.

Skeet Ulrich


The actor with a screen name only Lil' Jon could love played a series of 90s jerks in movies like The Craft and Scream. He actually still acts today, only more on TV than in movies!

Shane West

Warner Bros.

He got big in the late 90s with his role on Once and Again, and then made ladies worldwide swoon in 2002's A Walk To Remember.

Rider Strong


The kid with the single coolest name ever played Cory Matthews' best friend on Boy Meets World, and the ladies loved his long hair and leather jacket. These days he does way more behind the camera.

What actors do you remember best from the 90s?