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Second Songs From One-Hit-Wonders That Prove They Really Only Had One Song In Them

Getting a hit song is not easy. There are millions of people out there in the world who hope to become the next singing sensation. Obviously not everyone can succeed, but when they do it's quite the big moment.

There is a moment of relief that likely accompanies the release of a hit song, followed by the immediate dread of trying to follow it up. No artist goes into the recording studio expecting to be a one-hit-wonder, but unfortunately it happens a lot. Because they had already recorded the album in full, their less successful songs just sit there, with no one ever learning their words.

Chances are you have never heard any of these songs unless you were their biggest fan.  

Baha Men - You All Dat

After they figured out "Who Let The Dogs Out", they tried something else, but it obviously didn't work.

Dead Or Alive - That's The Way (I Like It)

"You Spin Me Round" is one of the best songs from the 80s, but have you ever even heard of this one?

Vanilla Ice - Play That Funky Music

"Ice, Ice, Baby" continues to be a classic, but his second song "Play That Funky Music" is all but forgotten.

Sir Mix-a-Lot - Swap Meet Louie

We all still know the words to "Baby Got Back", but if you could even sing the hook of this song I would be shocked.

Lou Bega - I Got A Girl

This song sounds like a continuation of "Mambo No. 5" except instead of a bunch of names, he goes to a bunch of different countries.

These are not the only one hit wonders who had really disappointing second singles...

Chumbawamba - Amnesia

They said that they get knocked down, but it seems as though this song made them forget that you could never keep them down.

Dexy's Midnight Runner's - Jackie Wilson Said

"Come On, Eileen" was a huge hit when it came out, but their second song did not get the same attention.

A-Ha - The Sun Always Shines On TV

While "Take On Me" reached number one on the Billboard charts, their second single couldn't even make it into the top 20.

Natalie Imbruglia - Big Mistake

Very similar style of music video to "Torn", where she sings into camera while things happen all around her, but at least she's not as broken on the floor.

Right Said Fred - Don't Talk Just Kiss

They may have been done taking a little turn on the catwalk after the success of "I'm Too Sexy," but their second song "Don't Talk Just Kiss" only made it to No. 76 on the charts.

Have you heard any of these failed follow-ups?