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11 McDonaldland Mascots That You Completely Forgot Existed

There was this magical place that kids all thought would be excellent, but looking back now it's hard to see why. McDonaldland was this crazy marketing adventure with the most bizarre cast of characters imaginable.

Sure, fast food places are known for having wacky mascots, but none are quite as iconic as the characters of McDonaldland. From the mayor to the smallest little fry kid, each of them was pretty bizarre. Everyone remembers Ronald McDonald, but what about the rest?

How many of the McDonaldland characters do you remember?

The Hamburglar


He even did a commercial with Donald Trump

Mayor McCheese

Birdie the Early Bird

Captain Crook

The Professor

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Officer Big Mac

Fry Kids

The Happy Meal Gang

The McNugget Buddies


This so-called dog is the spookiest thing ever. Look at him!

This dog is going to haunt my dreams. Why is this his voice?!

Do you remember any of these characters? Can you believe they had to shut it all down after a huge lawsuit?

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