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10 Times Great Comedians Made Movies That Were Anything But Funny

There have been plenty of comedians throughout the years that, even though their material might be decades old, have managed to make us laugh uproariously every time we see them. Sometimes people just need a paycheck though, and in the case of these 10 comedians, it led to some genuinely funny people doing some genuinely unfunny movies.

Richard Pryor - Superman III

The first two Superman movies are genuine classics, and so is Richard Pryor's extensive comedy career. However, the combination of the two of them gave us one of the worst superhero movies ever.

Dana Carvey - The Master of Disguise

Carvey is legitimately funny, but this movie about him doing silly voices in stupid costumes is anything but.

Eddie Murphy - The Adventures of Pluto Nash

After classics like Beverly Hills Cop and The Nutty Professor, Eddie Murphy's Hollywood output just got worse and worse, leading him to star in this horrible sci-fi movie.

Tom Green - Freddy Got Fingered

The crazy Canuck gave us some legendary moments like "The Bum Bum Song" and his roles in movies like Road Trip, but his big starring debut is one of the most bizarrely unfunny movies ever made.

These next few comedians are legitimately funny but did some pretty awful movies...

Brendan Fraser - Encino Man

Between George of the Jungle and The Mummy, Brendan Fraser has proven to be both hilarious and charming, but as a Neanderthal thawed out in modern times, he's anything but. This movie also features Pauly Shore, who is exempt from this list due to literally never being funny in his career.

Will Smith - Wild Wild West

One of the biggest box office bombs of the day, the movie did nothing for Will Smith's acting resumé. Great theme song though.

Billy Crystal - Analyze That

Analyze This was a quirky comedy about a therapist to a mob boss, but its sequel went with the usual comedy sequel formula of "the same thing, but worse."

Adam Sandler - Little Nicky

Sandler had some legitimately great comedic roles between his time on SNL and movies like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, but around the time Little Nicky came out we started to clue in that not everything he did was all that great. It only got worse from here.

Jackie Chan - The Tuxedo

Jackie Chan is the undisputed master of combining action and comedy, but this movie where he becomes a super spy by wearing a tuxedo is good at neither of those things.

Rob Schneider - The Animal

Schneider was pretty funny in small roles (mostly in Adam Sandler's movies), but his leading roles are full of plenty of missteps. This was definitely the movie that gave us South Park's infamous jabs at the guy, like "Rob Schneider is... a CARROT!"

What's the worst movie you've ever seen by a genuinely funny comedian?