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10 Facts About 'The Karate Kid' Even Mr. Miyagi Couldn't Teach Us

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The Karate Kid is one of those 80s classics that, even after some mediocre sequels and an even more mediocre remake, we still can't help but love it to this day. The story of Daniel-san's fight against Kobra Kai while learning karate from Mr. Miyagi is a genuine classic, but I'm willing to bet that even its biggest fans don't know some of these facts.

The studio wanted to drop the scene where Mr. Miyagi gets drunk.

They were worried it slowed down the movie too much, but director John Avildsen insisted that it be included. He also insists that it was instrumental in getting Pat Morita an Oscar nomination for the movie.

The cast all thought Ralph Macchio really was a teenager.

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He was actually 22 while filming the movie, but nobody believed him.

Macchio was actually given the yellow car he waxes in the movie.

It's a 1948 Ford Super De Luxe, and Macchio apparently still owns it.

William Zabka (Johnny) still owns the red leather jacket he wears in the movie.

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He's said that people often try to fight him in real life, and he has to explain to them that Johnny is just a character. The jacket's probably not helping things, dude.

The facts just get crazier from here...

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