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10 Games We Loved That Only Needed A Piece Of Paper

Growing up, you pretty much relied on your parents to get you any game that was more expensive than a few dollars (unless of course you saved up your allowance for literal months). Thankfully, there were plenty of games that promised hours of fun with just paper and pencils, with these 10 being some of the best.



Nothing beat the absolute tension as you tried to guess what letters could POSSIBLY be in that clue while watching the poor bastard in the gallows get increasingly detailed.



The massively popular game of naval combat actually started out as something just played on paper, and honestly it's just as good as the plastic version.



The game of determining your future life and who you'd share it with was INTENSE, and of course the girls did it for everybody, whether you wanted them to or not.

Fortune Tellers (AKA "Cootie Catchers")


Much like M.A.S.H. this was the key to determining your future, and people took this stuff really seriously.

These next few games were some of our absolute favorites...

Paper Airplanes


Not so much a game as a make-it-yourself toy, it was always a blast trying out new designs and seeing whose could go the farthest.

Tic Tac Toe

Tim Vandevall

Okay, did anybody ever actually win or lose at this thing? Pretty sure I played about 20 rounds in a row once, all ties.


Picture Puzzles

I mean yeah you could buy the official version, but it really just needed paper and pencils.

Connect The Dots

Raising Our Kids

So these did require you to buy a book, but seriously, when was the last time you had this much fun just drawing lines with a pencil?

Paper Telephone

Morning Toast

You write a sentence, the next person tries to illustrate it, the person after them tries to explain their image, rinse and repeat. The results? Hilarity.

Finger Football

Butler Newsroom

One of the more complex paper games, this one required some pretty legitimate skill. And of course, who didn't like nailing their friends in the head with the football?

What was your favorite paper game?

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