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10 Things Every 90s Kids Absolutely Needed In their Kitchen

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When you were growing up, you probably didn't have a lot of choice about what the house looked like. Your parents did all the decorating and had all the money so if you wanted something to be worked in to the style you would have to make a good case for it. The easiest thing to convince them to buy was always kitchen stuff. You could almost always make the excuse that you NEED plates, and you NEED cool cups, and above all else, you NEED silly straws.

There are some things that were in pretty much every home. Everyone had the same things and if you didn't, you absolutely know someone who did.  Here are the top 10 most recognizable things from your kitchens!

1. Plastic Water bottles with the tiny plastic spout

I'm pretty sure these claimed to be leak-free, but so often we would open up our lunch bag to see juice EVERYWHERE and it was always such a let down.

2. Sippy-Cup with a straw handle

It was just so handy to have the built in straw, then you never need to buy more! Problem was, they were kind of a pain to clean in the straw part. Couldn't really scrub it as well as you might want to.

3. The most important spoon you would ever own

Color changing spoons were essentially the equivalent of finding a golden ticket in a chocolate bar. Cereal is just so much more fun if you can use a spoon that has a cool effect!

4. One of these stuck to the fridge

I don't know that anyone actually knows where they came from or why they existed, but so many people had one of these things stuck to the side of their fridge, I know we did!

5. Divided plates

We all had one, our parents had one, and our parent's parents had one. They have been around forever but each generation gets some new designs to stick with the popular themes.

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