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10 Disney Villains You Can't Help But Relate To As An Adult

Sure, I get it, Disney villains are bad. They are always trying to destroy lives in one way or another but you have to admit, they sometimes aren't being completely unreasonable.

I know, it sounds bad, but hear me out. Sometimes, the teenagers they are dealing with are a hassle and a half. And sometimes, they just don't want to put up with it anymore.

Let's see which Disney villains you relate to most.

10. Cruella de Vil - 101 Dalmations

I can't give her much of a pass because puppies are too wonderful to ever consider turning them into a coat, but the real issue here is Anita. Why are you friends with this woman? I know in the live action one she is your boss and sees the coat you drew - seriously, why are you doing that - but in the cartoon she is an old friend from school.

You don't have to let people into your house Anita, you can just say "No, please leave" and call the cops.

9. Lady Tremaine (Wicked Step Mother) - Cinderella

So how would you feel if you married someone and then they died super shortly after, leaving you with another kid to feed? She hadn't really bonded with this child and she is also kind of an awful mother anyways so maybe it's for the best that she wasn't more in your life Cinderella? I mean, she did use you as a slave which sucks for sure, but at least she didn't kill all your mouse buddies?

8. Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty

Well, some of us get really bitter when you don't invite us to the party, so don't be surprised when we curse your babies I guess...? No? Well, I guess that is a bit of a harsh reaction, she should have taken it out on the parents and not their baby.

7. Jafar - Aladdin

So, he is a big ol' creep, yes. But you have to hand it to him, he is a fantastic sorcerer or whatever he is that lets him control minds like that. If you had that power you know you would abuse it.

6. Mother Gothel - Tangled

Have you ever dealt with someone who is just asking you the same thing over and over again? It gets really frustrating doesn't it? If you ignore why she keeps her locked in the tower it's understandable that she gets so frustrated.

On the plus side for her, even though she is kidnapped she does technically keep her safe. Obviously it's for selfish reasons and Rapunzel is going to need a heck of a lot of therapy, but she was alive and healthy.

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5. Hades - Hercules

Hades was full on banished so I would absolutely hold a bit of a grudge. Would I try to release a bunch of super monsters? No, probably not. But would I be really bitter? You better believe it.

He does also operate as a salesman. People have the option to say no, but he just happens to be really good at closing the deal. You wouldn't call a car salesmen evil would you?

4. Scar - The Lion King

So Scar is a tricky case because he legitimately killed Mufasa and that is unacceptable, but his interactions with the hyenas are too real.  

2. Captain Hook - Peter Pan

This small boy who can fly just floats around insulting him. Well, not just insulting him he also CUT OFF HIS HAND! Wouldn't you be a little vengeful if some kid cut off your hand and then bullied you for years? That's not cool Peter, he's a person too.

3. Yzma - Emperor's New Groove

Can you REALLY blame her for wanting Kuzco out of the picture? He's a power hungry brat who has no regard for anyone. He straight up throws a guy out of a window (aka murders him) because he "threw off his groove".

Yzma is kind of a genius if you think about it. How many magic potions have you made that can turn you into an animal? Probably not as many as Yzma!

She puts up with endless ignorance from the wonderful but mostly useless Kronk, and while she IS awful, you almost have to give it to her. Also, she makes the cutest cat ever.

1. Ursula - The Little Mermaid

Ariel, you sweet little girl, you are only 16 years old. Technically you aren't even old enough to sign a legal contract so what do you think you are doing? I don't know how it works under the sea, but up on the land you love so much we usually take some time to think things over.

Ursula doesn't hide the fact that she is a sea witch. Sure, she sings a song that claims she is changed, but did you not see the spooky seaweed souls through the entrance? Because I sure did and I would have absolutely turned right around.

Another thing, Ursula gave you a good fighting chance. Sure, she took away your voice, but obviously you are literate, look how beautifully you signed your name. You could have just wrote the story down for Eric and then BOOM, your happily ever after awaits.

Also, she gave you human legs that matched your body. You were not specific enough, she could have done anything.

She also gave you the time you signed up for, you were dumb enough to go onto water where she could intervene. If you had stayed out of the water and everything would have been fine. When the time was up it's only fair that you suffer the consequences you sign up for?

I mean, she even gets another deal but that wasn't her fault it was your dads. He could have let you get exactly what you signed up for but he didn't. Sure, she is not making the nicest deals, but what did you expect SHE'S A SEA WITCH?!

Last but not least, we've all felt this when we are hungry. Seriously, this might be the most relatable moment in the entire Disney catalog:

Which Disney villain do you relate to most? Share in the comments!

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