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25 Pages Of The 1994 JC Penny Catalog That Will Make You Feel Like You Traveled Through Time

While we were all busy flipping through the WishBook every year, they weren't the only exciting catalog we would find in our mailbox. While it may not have been our first choice, the JC Penny catalog was a close second when it came to making your Christmas lists. Honestly, our moms probably loved it more than anyone else, because where else would they find the latest fashion trends?

Whether you needed a new velvet dress, a snappy business jacket, or a brightly colored hat, JC Penny was the first place on the shopping list. As for us kids, it was fun to imagine what kind of clothes you would wear when you were grown up. Not to mention the big toy section that was tucked in the back pages.

There really was something for everyone in the JC Penny catalog! How many of these things do you recognize from the 1994 JC Penny Christmas catalog?

Remember when our moms dressed kind of like pirates?

And thought that velour turtlenecks were the epitome of style

It kind of looks like a really fancy dentist smock, but at least you can get it in a lot of different colors

Shoulder pads were an absolute must

This dress is really something else...

Matching dresses for mothers and their daughters

Hello 1994, I forgot what you were like...

Remember when sweaters would have a front and a back?

Would you have wanted to try one of these "home salon" products?

While they shopped for themselves, they always made sure to pick out a few items for us, like these velvet shirts

Or some Disney PJs

Sometimes they would get you a fancy coat that you weren't allowed to ever play in

Boys always owned multicolored rugby shirts. It was basically a uniform

Or a very fancy suit with a brightly colored vest/tie

You can probably still hear the sound of these snow suits in your head

But what we all really cared about was the toy section, which was filled with amazing treasures like K'NEX

And Lego sets

Walkie Talkies, Microphones and Lamb Chop cassette players were all so important to us

Two of the biggest franchises of the year: Barney and The Lion King

Honestly, no home was complete without one of these

The most important page of the catalog was the list of new Tiger Hand-Held games

Unless you could convince your parents to get you a Super Nintendo

For everyone who was obsessed with horses, there was no better collection than the Breyers

Magnadoodle, Spin Art and Lite Brite all on one page!

Who else really wanted one of these super awesome tents or playhouses

Did you ever look through the JC Penny catalog?