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10 Completely 'Essential' Things You Absolutely Needed For School

As an adult "summer vacation" doesn't mean the same thing that it used to when we were kids. Before, we would get two months off to play outside, watch cartoons and bike around the block before thinking about getting school supplies. Now, we are honestly just feeling nostalgic for those amazing 90s schools supplies we all wanted.

Back-to-school season seems to start earlier every year, but kids today have no idea what they are missing. Our school supplies were just so much better. Well, maybe not better, but definitely a lot more bizarre. We honestly spent so much money on stuff that didn't actually do anything useful, I mean, other than being awesome.

How many of these 'essentially' useless school supplies do you remember?

1. Glue Pens

Why did these even try to exist? They just didn't work... The sponge thing on the end would just get immediately glued shut and then any time you tried to drag it along paper it was completely useless.

2. Pen Erasers

If you ever had one of these then you know the lies that it sold you. Each time you thought "maybe this would be the time it'll work" but no, it would just tear through your paper.

3. Stamp Markers

These were cool in theory, but how many people found them useful? They were kind of annoying to use and never actually stamped properly unless you really took your time.

4. Pencil Grips

These pencil grips turned any boring old pencil into a colorful and comfortable writing implement. Did they actually work? Who knows! But they still make them and now you can buy them without your parents saying it's a waste of money so you should probably treat yourself.

5. Troll Pencil Toppers

I don't know what it is about trolls that was or is so appealing, but it seemed like at one point or another we all had a little troll shoved onto the end of our pencil for no real reason.

That wasn't all we had. So many more useless 'essentials' that could be found in all of our pencil cases to remember on the next page.

6. Push Up Pencils

Okay, I'll be honest, I still have some of these. They still make them, and I was always a fan because its the easiest to sharpen pencil in the world. The only issue is when the stupid little plastic things got lost and the pencil was rendered absolutely useless!

7. Basically Any Pencil Eraser

There were a lot of erasers made that we all collected frantically, but i want you to think real hard about having to actually use any of them. Did it ever actually work? No. No eraser has ever worked properly.

8. Pens With All The Colors

These were so great because then you could use any color you wanted! The only problem was that we all broke them trying to push down all the colors at once...

9. Sparkly or Milky Gel Pens

No matter how many times our teachers insisted, we kept trying to use those milky gel pens to write out our homework. Obviously they were completely illegible and would smudge everywhere, but it did not stop us from getting new ones each year.

10. Pencil Sharpeners (That Never Worked)


So, no matter how fancy the little sharpener seems to be, we all know it isn't going to work great right? It was like winning the lottery if you ever found a sharpener that didn't just chew up have of your pencil and leave you with a useless piece of wood.

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