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Sega Is Giving Away All Of Their Retro Games On Your Phone, For Free


Retro gaming only seems to be growing more and more with each passing year. Nintendo just announced the SNES Classic Edition, the Switch is going to be getting an online service with free classic games, and even Microsoft is adding support for original Xbox games to the Xbox One.

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Sega have already gotten in on the action by making a brand new retro-style Sonic game, but this next move they're making into the arena of classic gaming could end up being massive, both for them and the industry as a whole.

Sega has announced Sega Forever, a new service for iOS and Android that allows you to download all sorts of games from their back catalog and play them on your device. The best part? These games are absolutely free. That's right, free.

We're already drooling at the idea.Retrogamer

Now, there is a catch. To keep the games free, an ad will run before the game starts, meaning you'll have to wait a few seconds before you can dive into Sonic 2. Sega has commented that there is a $2 charge per game to removed the ads, which is fairly cheap all things considered.


Best of all, the games all support the use of a Bluetooth controller, meaning if you'd rather have that oldschool control scheme instead of a touch screen, Sega's got you covered.

Sega Forever is launching with 6 games from the get-go, and has promised more games each month.

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With the launch of the service, Sega's already offered up 6 games to whet our appetites.

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First up, of course, is Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Next is the arcade classic, Altered Beast.


Third is a gem of a platformer, Kid Chameleon.

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Next up is Comix Zone, a beat 'em up with a cool comic book art style.


Fifth, and last of the Genesis games, is the fan-favorite RPG, Phantasy Star II

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Finally, we have the sole Dreamcast offering, Crazy Taxi.


Which are you most excited about?

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