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10 Cell Phones We All Desperately Wanted To Own In The Early 2000s

Back in the early 2000s, owning a cell phone wasn't a common thing like it is now. It seems like every kid is born with an iPhone in their hand, but back in our day we had to earn it! We either needed to buy one ourselves, or successfully annoy our parents until we got one.

There were a lot of them that we all remember wishing for when we were young, which of these did you always want?

Nokia 3310

We all knew that getting this phone meant that we would get to play 'Snake', and that was all that mattered. It wasn't the fanciest phone on the market, but it was invincible and that was pretty important for us clumsy teens.

Motorola Razr

Probably the most desired phone for a good number of years. It was the coolest flip phone on the market and we all had to have one.


When texting first became a thing, the Sidekick was easily the best option to make sure all your typing could be done quickly and efficiently.


The first few Blackberrys seemed like they were reserved for the fanciest of business people, but that didn't stop us from wanting one. Anyone else remember playing Brick Breaker? It was the absolute best!

Sony Ericson w800i

While having a phone hold all your music seems like just another normal thing now, but at the time it was revolutionary.

But then the phones started to get some other interesting features...

Samsung SCH740

The double flip phone was really one of a kind. It could flip up to make it look like a mini-Sidekick style, or it could fold up like a normal flip phone. The best of both worlds!

Motorola Rokr

This phone was the first one to have iTunes built in and the fact that it could hold 100 songs was a huge deal.

LG enV

The LG enV had two screens. The outside was just a basic phone, but you could flip it open reveal a full qwerty keyboard.

LG Chocolate

Phones that had sliding keyboards were really the coolest at the time. There was a time when having a smaller phone was actually more desirable than having a bigger one, so this was ideal.


Okay so, no one actually wanted this one, but it was what a lot of the younger kids ended up with! It only could call a few numbers that were set up by your parents so it really wasn't all that exciting.

Which one did you want the most when you were younger?