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7 Things That Prove Hilary Duff Escaped The Insanity That is Child Stardom Unscathed

Could Hilary Duff be the only Disney star that hasn't gone totally crazy? Miley, Raven, Lindsay, they've all a little bit lost their minds. Not Hilary Duff, though. Since her Lizzie McGuire Days, she's stayed grounded and humble.

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From Lizzie McGuire:

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To A Cinderella Story:

To her current show Younger:


Duff has proven time and time again that she is a rare breed: a successful child-star-turned adult.

These are just some of the reasons why she's our favorite...

1. She's a great mom.

In 2010, Duff married NHL star Mike Comrie, and two years later they welcomed a baby boy named Luca Cruz Comrie.

Hilary Duff/Instagram

Duff always puts her son first, and makes sure the two share special moments together.

These are the days I will never forget ❤️

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Though the couple split in 2016, they still co-parent together and remain on good terms. Duff has even posted cute videos of Comrie on her Instagram.

2. She follows her dreams.

Hilary Duff has been vocal about wanting to be a singer and actress since she was a young girl. Now, she's still doing both those things. Her latest album, Breathe In. Breathe Out. was her fifth studio album, released in 2015.

She is also still acting, with her new show Younger becoming an instant classic.

4. She has no time for body-shamers.

Hilary Duff was a great role model for us as kids, because she was never unhealthily thin. She looked like an "average" girl and rocked it. It seems people forgot this, and when a photo surfaced of her looking amazing on the set of Younger, people lost it.

Everyone loved Hilary's figure in this picture, but when a different one from her on vacation surfaced, people started to get mean. Before anyone could really get into the nastiness, Hilary herself shut it down.

"I work hard to try to be fit and healthy and have a good [body], and I have good days and bad days with it," Duff told E! News. "I mean it's so crazy to me, I really feel like I can have an awesome body week and then the next week I'm like 'what has happened? what did I do wrong?' It's just a love-hate, but mostly love and acceptance."

5. She's involved in the community.

Duff has always loved animals, and she does her part to make sure they are safe. Recently, she adopted a tiny puppy which the shelter called "a win for black dogs everywhere," as evidence shows they are statistically less likely to be adopted due to misconceptions of danger and bad luck.

She is also part of baby2baby, which "provides low-income children ages 0-12 years with diapers, clothing, and all the basic necessities that every child deserves."

She has also supported the following charities:

  • Aid Still Required
  • Alberta Harvest
  • ALS Association
  • Angelwear
  • Anne Douglas Center for Women
  • Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation
  • Blessings in a Backpack
  • Candie's Foundation
  • Coalition of Skin Diseases
  • Declare Yourself
  • Epilepsy Toronto
  • Hope Mission
  • K9 Connection
  • Kids Wish Network
  • Kids With A Cause
  • Los Angeles Mission
  • MusiCan
  • Ocean of Love
  • Return To Freedom
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • STOMP Out Bullying
  • The Heart Truth
  • The Trevor Project
  • Toy Mountain Campaign
  • USA Harvest
  • Variety Power Of Youth
  • World Vision

6. She still has a soft spot for Lizzie McGuire

Though she's doing her best to get away from her Lizzie McGuire image, Duff still loves her original Disney Channel character.

No big 💅🏻

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"As torturous as it has been at some points in my life to be Lizzie McGuire, I think that when that show came out, it was such a part of who I was, I didn't feel like I was playing a part,” she said. “The writers all knew me so well and were writing things that were happening in my life and things that I would say, and I was dressing exactly like I wanted. It was so me."

7. She recreated the iconic Wand Promo

Y'know the Disney Channel ears all the stars had to draw?

Well that footage was released, and it's pretty funny. But as it turns out, Duff wasn't having any of it.

"So we had to do the thing and then they put it in CGI, the mouse ears," Duff said to Buzzfeed in an interview. "And then they made us do it like 900 times. And I think I like lost all personality at that point. Plus, I was, like, a pubescent teen — I was like, "What are they making me do, this is invisible!""

Duff then recreated her hilarious interpretation of the mouse ears promo.

Thank you for being the icon we needed (and still need), Hilary Duff!