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Nickelodeon's Original 'Slime' Recipe Revealed And It's As Gross As You'd Expect

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We have all seen the slime that Nickelodeon will cover whoever they possibly can with right? It's a completely iconic part of the 80s and 90s, that will just always bring back flashes of those game shows we loved as kids.

While a lot of people associate the slime with the show Double Dare or What Would You Do, it actually originated on the show You Can't Do That On Television.

Kids would get slimed any time they said the words "I don't know". They'd get a big ol' bucket of slime dumped onto their heads, delighting all the kids watching.

The host of these hit kids' game shows, Marc Summers, just spoke with Tech Insider about his experience what it was like to be a part of these iconic shows, and more importantly, what that slime was like.


Sure, slime is still around. They always use it at the Kids' Choice Awards to cover all those top tier celebs in a thick coating of that green goo, which honestly just seems like a huge mess to have to clean up.


Everyone makes their own version slime now. You see them popping up all over Pinterest and Facebook with all these fancy varieties with glitter and galaxy themes that just aren't what we remember.

Summers isn't a big fan of these because he says they "have nothing to do with what we used as real slime."


The real stuff isn't these cornstarch recipes that limit the mess, the Nickelodeon stuff really went all out to make the most enormous and excessive mess humanly possible.

Ever wonder what the slime was actually made out of? Because now you can make it at home for yourself

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